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Your THC Product Cheat Sheet

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The science on THC is evolving and the trend is clear – interest in THC products for wellness is rapidly expanding, and so are its delivery methods. From topicals to consumables and beyond, these personalized cannabis derivatives are creating all the buzz in the industry. But, with so many brands, styles, claims and state-specific regulations, the marketplace can be overwhelming to the average consumer who wants to step up his or her knowledge of cannabis basics.

There is some good news on tap, though. We’ve compiled a digestible cheat sheet for your quest to find the right THC product and answer all of your top-of-mind delivery method questions.


All The Insight On Commonly Used THC Products + How To Use Them

The Delivery Methods Breakdown – Cannabis products are broken down into three types – based on how they are used. Master the three options, which include topical, transdermal and consumable, and you’ve already risen way above the mainstream. But don’t stop there. Keep in mind that each delivery method serves its own unique purpose and offers its own set of values. Let’s get more acquainted.

  • Topical THC Products – As the name implies, these THC products stay on the surface. Topical products are applied to the top layer of your skin designed to impact the area to which they are applied. The result? A product that is uber-easy to apply providing spot-on effects.


  • Transdermal THC Products – Now, let’s take things a little deeper. Transdermal cannabis products go deeper into your body’s skin than their topical THC counterparts. They are absorbed through the skin and can have benefits and impacts in areas of your body away from you’ve applied them. Transdermal products will typically be found in the form of a patch or gel pen.


  • Consumable THC Products ­­– These are consumed orally and enter into the bloodstream through the digestive system. Consumable THC products can be found as tinctures or capsules and are easy additions to your daily routine.

Answers To A Few Commonly Asked Questions About THC Products:

Can you explain how using a transdermal patch differs from smoking cannabis?

Great question (we get asked this one a lot). As most of us know, smoking cannabis can leave us with a feeling of “high” that comes on fast and wears off fast. The transdermal patch differs because it is slow and steady, designed to deliver a low dose of THC that will last eight to 12 hours. The transdermal patch is also a discreet solution, adhering to any veinous part of the skin and minimizes exposure risk.


What ingredients are in topical THC balms?

We know where you’ve coming from. You need to know what’s in the stuff you put on your skin, right? Of course, you do. All of Mary’s products, including the topicals, are created from carefully extracted full-spectrum cannabis oil. Each of our products clearly lists the ingredients for you to peruse before you use it.


Will the digestible THC products make me feel “high”?

Whether you are seeking a feeling of high or not, it’s always good to know what to expect. Digestible THC products that have low doses of THC may not create a high feeling at all, or it can be very subtle. If you are unsure of how you might react, it’s always a good idea to start slow with a low dose product.


What is a THC gel pen, and how do I use it?

The gel pen is a popular transdermal THC product that, as its name implies, resembles a pen. The pen is designed to allow you to push out a controlled amount of the THC product. Your next move is simple – just apply to a venous area of your body – maybe a wrist, ankle or top of the foot where veins are visible.


How do I know which cannabis product is right for me?

Choosing which cannabis product is right for you is a personal journey. No one can recommend which direction you should go, but knowledge is, as they say, power. Now that you understand the terminology (i.e., speak the lingo), you can start to drill down on which one is right for you and your unique needs.


Are there benefits to combining one THC product with another?

Congratulations, you may be venturing into power-user territory now! Nice. Yes, you can combine different types of products to create a hybrid approach that might be viewed as covering all the angles. The layering strategies vary, but here are a few options for consideration:

  • Inside + Outside – You might find enhanced benefits by using topicals to address specific areas while using a tincture or transdermal patch to promote overall wellness.
  • Daily Wellness + A Boost – Create a powerful combo of patches or tinctures with a boost of a Gel Pen for the times you need a little something extra.
  • Fine Tune Your Perfect Ratio – Everyone’s body is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all wellness routine. Customize your wellness by mixing and matching patches, gel pens and tinctures to find what works best for your body and your needs.

Finding The Best THC Products In The Market

The next obvious (and correct) step is to choose a company that provides the best products available. And, you’ve landed in the right place. Mary’s Medicinals’ products offer purity and quality with science-backed processing that taps into the power of nature – as Mother Nature intended. Mary’s Medicinals is the original player in this marketplace but, even more importantly, the benchmark of quality by which all others are measured. The ethos of the Mary’s organization is to continuously provide products that customers trust to be pure and natural. Nothing more, yet nothing less.

Mary’s offers a complete product line of each type of THC product, including:


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