Relief Transdermal Compound – 1:1 CBD:THC

Cannabis Extract
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Beeswax and mango butter balm melts deeply into your skin, formulated with our transdermal delivery technology to allow for much deeper penetration than your typical cannabis topical. Mentholated for an instant cooling effect, our 1:1 Relief Compound the perfect solution for those needing relief.


1:1 (500 mg CBD: 500 mg THC)
Onset: Immediate – 15 minutes 
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Dosage: Apply as needed

Also available in 1:1 (250 mg CBD:250 mg THC) – 0.5 oz


How To Use

Apply generously over affected area every 3-5 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.


Cannabis extract, mango butter, menthol.


California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio


  1. Jason

    Great cream. Targets specific area

  2. Eunice

    Awesome stuff, great muscle help

  3. Suz

    It is great. The best thing I have found.
    I seriously hope this product is always available! Nothing works better for me!

  4. Robbie

    Works so well. I tell everyone about how great it works. My eye doctor’s husband is now using it.

  5. Rainee Lehr

    This is amazing! It works deeper and stronger than any other compound we’ve tried. The transdermal is great. Amazing.

  6. Lynette Clark

    I love this product. It is the best I have found!!!

  7. Lynette Clark

    I love this product, it is the best I have found. It helps

  8. Lori

    can’t recommend this enough! lasts for hours

  9. Tatia

    So far, this product does not compare to others I have used.

  10. Miriam

    It works!

  11. angel

    overall best product.

  12. Lynn Kern

    I have been buy this for years now I can’t find it anywhere,Mary’s Transdermalis the only cream that works for me. What is going on?Lynn

  13. Eatevan

    I don’t find it anymore in Phoenix

  14. Gregory Masterman

    This is the best pain relief compound available. I’m at a loss here is Arizona because the dispensaries no longer carry Mary’s Medicinals. I have had several friends and relatives visit Colorado and could not find it there either. Any help?

  15. Brian Vidal

    I have to say that when my girl got me the ointment I was a little hesitant. Not a believer but now the jar is almost empty. I even use on my temples.

  16. Tamica Medlock

    In trying to order this

  17. Stefanie

    This has been a life saver! I highly recommend!!!

  18. Shirley E Malone

    This is the best i have ever used! Thank you for making, only wish i can buy on line.

  19. Tom Calkins

    I got this in Colorado but I live in Michigan and it is absolutely amazing on my back! I’m hoping I can find it locally when our stores finally open!

  20. Bahr Klein

    I have used dozens of CBD products and there isn’t a single one that compares to this one. It also contains the highest concentrated of CBD/THC in any brand I have tried thus far.

  21. Maria

    This has been my miracle balm.

  22. Linda

    I’ve tried many balms and they worked okay. When they quit making my favorite one, this was recommended. So glad it was! it goes deep and relieves the arthritis pain in my back and thumb. I recently pulled a muscle in my chest. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of applying it there right away, but once I did, Ta Da!! I hope they don’t discontinue it like the Wrangler’s. I got a tip today that makes since. Apply it to clean skin. Even if it’s washing the place with a wash cloth, or alcohol pad. Don’t put lotion on first after a shower. Put on Mary’s where needed and let it seep in first. I think you’ll really love it. I hope so!

  23. Bill Salvato

    Wonderful product. Helps my back tremendously! It has a pleasant, relaxing smell as well. Every dispensary should carry this product.

  24. Sabina

    Works extremely well for me! I use it at nighttime.

  25. Joyce saunders

    The best product on the market !

  26. Gloria Graves

    Love this.. Helps me alot

  27. Herbert Horwitz

    My grandson is a grower in Nevada and gave me this product and it has really helped.

  28. Debra Pickman

    For me this transdermal compound is amazing. I have Fibromyalgia and have weaned myself off of all 5 pharma drugs that had been prescribed for my pain and anxiety. I certainly don’t feel any worse than I did on all the pharma and even better, I don’t have any of the pharma side effects that were just making things worse (and of which created the need to take more pharma too resolve).

    I dab a small amount of this compound, every few hours behind my ears and leave undisturbed. Another sweet spot is between your toes. It is slowly absorbed into the skin giving a steady stream of relief to my system. I guess you could think of it as a non-protected transdermal patch.

    Of course mornings start off a little slow unless I’ve been able to dose at least once through the night but I honestly just can’t say enough about how this product changed my life.
    Thank you to the makers.

  29. Andi A.

    I am in constant pain and have tried many, many products that claim pain relief. It was suggested I try this product and even though I was very skeptical, I agree to try it. It relieved ALL of my pain. Literally, where I rubbed it, the pain was gone in minutes. I’ve used it ever since and each time I rub the balm on a painful area, within a matter of minutes the pain is gone. I highly recommend this product for people who suffer from arthritic pain. It’s the relief you’ve been looking for. It works better than my injections or pill!

  30. Barbara Ayoub

    This truly is a magic medicinal. Five minutes after application-it simply works. No more pain!

  31. Pete R

    Finally found a “cream” my mother can apply for her arthritis pains on her hands and knees. Thank you!

  32. Lynda Graves

    Can you buy this product on line?

  33. Susan

    Love it, the menthol allows you to know where it is working.

  34. Della Timmons

    I am sold on Mary’s Transdermal Compound. This compound is truly amazing. I can 58 & I came down with the shingles. They are very painful oh, I have a prescription ointment and it never stopped the pain. My sister brought over her Mary’s and I’ve never imagined that it would stop the pain the way it did. I am one of 8 siblings. I have now purchased three jars. One for my sis, one for me & one for my older sis. I am going to buy two more for my brothers. I am completely sold on how well this product works.. Thank you Mary..

    Sincerely Della

  35. Chloe Grossman

    This is the most effective product I’ve ever used for my severe neck pain that involves the occipital nerve. Pain is almost completely gone within 10 minutes. I take this with me everywhere. Thank you thank you thank you Mary’s Medicinals!!!

  36. Jane Blanchard

    Really works for me

  37. Debra Pickman

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I dab this behind my ears every few hours. It absorbs into the skin rather slowly so it needs to be used where it won’t wipe off on clothing. Behind the ear or between toes is ideal and that allows my system to get the continuous supply of medication I need. I seriously can’t believe the difference this product makes in my daily life! It helps with my overall pain level, anxiety and stress and allows me to have a more engaging and physically active day. If im having a particularly rough day I use it in more spots.

  38. Tracy

    A friend gave me her jar and I used it on my shoulder (I have Lyme disease) and I was pain free for the first time in a long time.

  39. donna

    Amazing product that relieves my frozen shoulder pain!

  40. Duane Linn

    Absolutely the best method to go from fury to mellow. Just a dab on the temples of the brain produces an immediate “AHHHH”.

  41. Steve B

    This product was suggested to me by one of the staff at Chesacanna in Cockeysville, MD and I am sure glad they did! I had a stiff neck, applied liberally in the afternoon then before bed and woke up fully relieved. Great product, worth every penny!

  42. Joelle

    I purchase this back in September while in LA. Haven’t been loving it ever since.

  43. Joelle

    I purchase this back in September while in LA. Have been loving it ever since.

  44. Linda Munoz

    The best pain relief ever.

  45. Linda Munoz

    This compound is my only pain relief.🙏

  46. Dennis Franklin

    Worked for me immediately! Wow!

  47. Kerry Ransaw

    This is magnificent…… used on my fingers and toes and lasted for 3 days!

  48. Andy VH

    Great product. Easy and pleasant to use, just by rubbing into the skin on the back of my hand.

  49. Serendipity

    It’s surprisingly very effective. I’ve tried a few and this is the best thus far. Wish I could just order it online.

  50. Lester W Bubolz

    I LOVE this, I’ve tried a lot of different tropicals, cremes, oils etc. This works for my specific needs!! OMG, I wish my medical cannabis dispensary would get more!! Been several MONTHS since they last carried this

  51. Julia Carrero

    Great and effective.

  52. MT. Ellis

    I absolutely love this stuff

    ! Purchased for my knee, Now I use on my shoulders and neck.
    It is just phenomenal how it works on my shoulders.

  53. Sameer

    THE BEST! For knee pain! Great for women with period pain. Amazing! Try it, you will not be dissapointed.

  54. Andrea Kelly

    It works great but I would love to use it on my face. The menthol prohibits me from doing that because it burns my eyes. Works great everywhere else!

  55. Erin Killelea-Moreau

    This stuff is amazing.. my shoulder is now your best friend

  56. Ann

    So pleasant and helpful for muscles.


    Absolutely wonderful, get relief as soon as you put it on

  58. karin

    It is miraculous how it helped my knee pain from running, not to mention any muscle or joint aches and pains from overdoing it at the gym. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it!

  59. Jennifer Shanahan

    Incredible cbd cream

  60. Karena

    Love this stuff! Works wonders! Just wish it came in bigger sizes <3

  61. Joy Hansma

    This is by far the best cannabis topical cream / lotion I’ve used. I’ve tried several that don’t do anything for me. This really helps for two reasons –
    1 THC plus CBD
    2 It permeates the skin’s outer layer

    Highly recommend.

  62. Colon Nunez

    Very helpful

  63. L . Karl

    I am 73 years old and have been suffering from back and joint pain that I have not been able to control. I tried Mary’s and have been comfortable and in control of the pain. It has made life a little better for me. Thank the gods in the heavens I found this product!

  64. Rochell Benjamin

    I had back pain radiating through out my legs. This really does work trust me guys

  65. Mdavis

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!! I have severe arthritis and horrible muscle cramps. Never hears about Mary’s and I was crying due to the pain. A kind lady saw me and applied to the back of my hands and then asked me to remove my support hose and applied it to the tops of my feet. I thought she had lost her mind because the pain was in my side back and legs. She left and promised to return a bit later. About 20 mins later she returned and asked how I felt. I hadn’t realized it but some of the pain dissipated. Then she reapplied it only to the back of my hands as I had put my stockings back on. About 15 mins later I got up and walked with my cane over a block for coffee!! I hadn’t walked that far in over 6 months. Felt like a miracle. Applied for my certification based on Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Compound. My problem is cost and availability. Can’t find it and as a retiree along with the cost of my many other meds I can’t afford it.

  66. MaryAnn

    Works well for arthritis in my hands.

  67. JoAnn Gomez

    Product saves me from having to get steroid shots, and definitely lessens the onset of pain with continued use.

  68. Marge Falendysz

    I have a rare skin condition that has no cure. This works!

  69. Mehdi

    I have arthritis on my hands and need surgery, so far I am using for the first time this product is absolutely wonderful and I can play my music Pain free .


    transdermal compound reconmended

  71. Rebecca HUdson

    My first two jars of this that were purchased in Denver, were excellent. The third had something wrong with it in so far as it balls up upon application and doesn’t seem to absorb like the other two that i had purchased. For the lack of better description- Mealie. Want replacement

  72. Bobbi Crossman

    I have a very rare painful breast condition. This seriously kicked in so fast & numbed my pain! This is the best cannabis product I’ve ever used for my breast condition! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

  73. Amy Marie Mejer

    I put it on and it literally makes it so that I cant move my leg. I apply to my back ,hip ,and down my thigh and knee. I dont know if I put it on to heavy or if its just not what I need.

  74. Ellen Parker

    Excellent product helped much with my arthritis pain

  75. Melissa

    I feel like I paid 55 dollars for beeswax lotion. I felt the effects of the menthol, but did not feel the THC effects at all. Maybe I need a higher dosage. I was disappointed with this product.

  76. star

    Amazing product and results. This is the BEST within the Maryland market. It feels warm when you first put it on.

  77. S

    This product is magic for my mom. Thank you so much for this product!

  78. Walter Windham

    Targets the pain after back surgery, pain in hips and lower back works perfect no joke, you will love this.

  79. Sue szczukowski

    A great product. Works really well. I started with the patches, which are wonderful, but to pricey for me. The compound is very nice. Wish I could bath in it.

  80. Carissa

    Best product ive used.

  81. Michelle ODell

    This is one of the best products on the market.

  82. Michelle

    First time trying….appears to be working on my knee pain. Budtender recommended this brand. Satisfied so far! PS: A little dab’ll do ya! 😉

  83. Manny

    My go to product for my lower back. Really really works!!

  84. Ryan

    This product is really good. I’ve been using this ever since I was recommended it 2 years ago at a native roots dispensary in Denver. I use it mainly for my left MCL when hiking, snowboarding, or any kind of rigorous activity. It lasts five to eight hours. I’ve only tried a few other CBD products but this one blows them out of the water. You should have no qualms with trying this product. It’s worth it.

  85. shea murray

    bought some about a year ago for pain in my finger and ankles from broken bones and fell in love with it later discovered that it will kill skin tumors on a dog so my dad tried it on what we assumed to be skin cancer (we did our own research he was not medically diagnosed) but it removed this as well. overall this is an amazing product and highly recommend it

  86. MARY J Damask

    This cream is awesome! It really helps my fibro spots and my back pain just melted away. Last only a couple hours, so wish it was longer!

  87. Debra Maes

    Best topical Compound I’ve used. Smells good, fast acting and not greasy.

  88. Debra Maes

    Best topical compound I’ve tried. Smells good, quick working, not greasy.

  89. David Slay

    I tried it worked well I left home without it on at recent trip and had problems with my knee came back applied it to my knee and have been fine

  90. Ron G

    Outstanding topical here….gives me at least 12 hours of knee pain relief

  91. Jonny

    Works!! I was skeptical. Pulled my lower back terribly. Tried this and pain was practically gone and flexibility restored! – next day pain returned, tried salve again…voila! Pain gone again! This product is amazing and I am not one to say that about anything. Picking up more to incorporate into my therapy.

  92. Levi

    What in the actual f is in this miracle product?!! This compound was sent straight from the heavens! I have chronic back pain, debilitating migraines, and ocular migraines. I go to a chiropractor every other week which does help. I called in sick to work yesterday due to a migraine and thought about calling a doctor to set up a Botox appointment, which I really did not want to do because I hate needles. I decided to call my local dispensary instead. I have tried so many cbd pain relief creams and this is the only one that actually worked for me!!! I spot treated my neck and spine 3 times throughout the day, by the end of the day my migraine was gone! I am in awe of how well this worked! Thank you so much for the relief! Truly a magic cream! Ps the smell is addicting!

  93. Erika Gutierrez

    It work for really good

  94. Ramona

    Awesome I’m 55 knee stiffness works great

  95. Ramona


  96. Craig

    Only product that actually helped.

  97. Craig

    Great product.

  98. Pat

    I’m 70 years old and I have arthritis in my Si joints, wrists and thumb and this works very well in helping eliminate the pain for a few hours & overnight.

  99. Tera N Holy Elk Face

    I love this pen!

  100. Tera N Holy Elk Face

    I absolutely love this pen!😍

  101. Samatha Zerlea

    I also love this product. It helps me like no other productbibhave found.

  102. L

    Helps ease joint and muscle pain before bed. 10/10 would recommend

  103. greg

    been using this product so successfully that i bought the 1 ounce container! great for my aches and pains from my shoulder surgery and my recent seizures

  104. Sharon M.

    This compound salve has changed my life. The pain from my spine arthritis was severely limiting my ability to function. Daily use of the 1:1 compound has changed everything for me and made a dramatic difference in successfully managing the pain so I can have a more normal life. Game changer!

  105. Judy A. Brown

    I like this product it works for me I am on my feet a lot at work I am in nursing and it really helps

  106. Christine Foisaga

    I love you transdermal compound . I just wish it was not so hard to buy .

  107. Alex Garcia

    Love this product works fantastically

  108. Alex Garcia

    Works fantastic product.

  109. Jamie

    Changed my world! Magic Is an understatement!

  110. Erin Kube

    Game changer. Immediately helps! Thank you!

  111. can cbd get you high

    I love my my cbd salve!

  112. buy cbd oil online

    I cannot go a day without my my cbd capsules!

  113. where is marijuana legal

    CBD for the win!

  114. best cbd oil for pain

    Super interesting.

  115. Michele

    I highly recommend this product. It takes about 15 minutes to feel the effect and last for about 3 hours. A little goes a long way. The jar usually last me about 3months. I do not apply it every day maybe 4x a week. Do yourself a favor and get a jar next time you have a chance.

  116. Lynn

    I have been using this for years, now why can’t I get it at the locations they use to be at. De Beque Co. use to catty it. What happened?

  117. full spectrum cbd

    CBD for the win!

  118. Karla Woodis

    This is the best. It really works for me. And I highly recommend it. For me it lasts and a little goes a long way.

  119. Lloyd Honaker

    WOW, this really worked, went from misery in my knee, to not, in minutes

  120. Josh G

    First time. Was hesitant but I really am happy with the purchase.

  121. Angela

    Paid for itself in the first use! Heat first then it’s cool! Love it!

  122. Osuchalady

    Best so far for targeting bad areas. I am on site trying to find some more before I run out. I would use on whole body if it didn’t cost as much. Yet worth every dime. I wish the insurance community would get onboard to cover as it is better than a bunch of pills!

  123. david

    great product really works

  124. Renée

    This stuff has impressed me beyond belief! I am so happy with this product I am telling everyone I know who has knee problems it really works!

  125. Joshua

    Great product really helps but $$$ for some needed to apply 2 to 3 times daily.

  126. Yvonne

    Nice to have finally found a product that gives relief! Highly recommend,

  127. Patricia

    I tried oil but hated how it stained everything. Mary’s transdermal compound is clear going on and relieved the pain in my wrist. Recommend it highly.

  128. Miranda

    Great product! My boyfriend tore his ACL and has been using this during the day for work as he’s required to be on his feet. He noticed he doesn’t feel it as much at night as during the day, but this is probably because we are typically smoking at night. I’m so happy we were finally able to find a substitute for narcotics because pain pills make him very sick.

  129. Kelly

    Can I ice the area with the salve on ?

  130. Cid

    Does this get you high or get into your bloodstream?

  131. Rob

    Works wonders. I used to use a different brand of balm but at the recommendation of my budtender I tried this and it works so much better. I also rub it on my temples. VERY impressed with this stuff.

  132. Sitvanit

    Works fast and I haven’t found a better product yet.
    I wish you will have them send to Canada

  133. Kip Nordstrom

    Amazing product! I didn’t even know something this good was possible!

  134. Barbara Thompson

    This iis an awesome product! Just went to get it at Liberty health science and they no longer retail it. Anybody know where I can get it in central Florida

  135. Diane G Kirbis

    Works really well after a hot shower, apply and massage. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, but works great!

  136. Netta

    So far I’ve only applied it once and I’m very satisfied with the results so I will be using it several times a day to see the full effects, I just pray it doesn’t stop working for me in the future and I will be telling my physicians about the wellness I’m feeling from using it. I’m so glad that I received the recommendation and the young later was a fan of this product.

  137. seleste m Burnett

    This stuff is my GO TO! It works so well the next day I feel so much better and I’m able to move around. I wish I could buy it in bulk before the Collective near me sells out of it!

  138. Em

    This salve immediately stopped the pins and needles. I cried so hard after dealing with the issues for over a year nothing stopped it. Tried everything under the sun from gabapentin to fentanyl. I was in Wyoming for a family members graduation and made sure to pop over to try some topicals in Colorado. Drives me crazy that other states are still trying to fight to keep cannabis illegal. Virginia voted to legalize but they’re still dragging their feet on implementation saying it’ll be at least 3-5 years before we see shops for medicinal access let alone recreational.

  139. Rosanna Smith

    Need more dispensaries to carry your topical products. We need it in West Covina or La Puente, California please .

  140. Kathy

    I have bone on bone hips. This made it possible for me to function. So grateful for this product!

  141. Robert Starling III

    Amazing product, only issue I now have is I can not get this product from Liberty Health Sciences, a Florida Medical Dispensary. Where in Florida may we now purchase this product?

  142. Andy

    I’m 43 years old, been working underground utility construction my whole adult life. This stuff is magical, it works like nothing else I’ve tried. Definitely worth every cent.

  143. Daisy Luff

    I absolutely love the effects of this compound. The reason I took off 2 stars? The smell. I can hardly stand it. I am really sensitive to scents. I don’t mind when things smell like the essential oils that are used in the creation of the product, but I will never understand why companies don’t offer products without *additional* “fragrance”.
    Please consider removing the additional “Natural Fragrance” from the formulation.

  144. Stephanie

    Works well on shoulders and elbows. Unfortunately it is heavy and waxy on the skin. It leaves it feeling unpleasant especially when used as directed on label.

  145. Tom Manigan

    I just ran out! I had to buy another brand, which is not as good. Both Rise in Joliet, IL and Curaleaf in Morris, IL do not carry the 50/50 any longer. I have a medical card and would like to order this product. Any solutions? Thanks, ‘tom M.

  146. Dale Smith

    Pinched nerve in my shoulder and a failing rotator cuff causes pain down my arm, across my upper back and up into my neck.
    This compound eases it so much that I will actually get out of bed and walk all the way downstairs to put this on if I forgot or didn’t think I needed it until I layed down. It’s my go-to for pain relief and kicks in faster than pills and without the side effects.
    Warning: The scent will burn your eyes. Don’t apply anywhere near or under the face, and foe Gods sake wash your hands really well after application!

  147. Lavinia Frank

    I am not a naturopath/homeopath, organic/vegan/clean food only kind of person…

    This stuff actually works. From the first dab, before I’m finished rubbing it in I start to feel the effects. Relief is immediate.

    It doesn’t last 3-5 hours as stated in the description. For me, it’s more like 45min. But it DOES work. And it’s smells so nice!
    I love it!

  148. Clarice Holiday

    A friend of mine, knew I had been struggling with pain issues in my joints. On a visit to her hometown in California, she bought the cream for me, to see if it would help. I love this product!! Only issue is, it’s not sold online, and u can only get it, when u visit the states it’s available in. So on her next visit, I’m gonna stock up. The only other issue I would say, is the container is too small.

  149. Stephanie

    This is the only thing that works for my pain. I’ve had chronic pain and migraines for as long as I can remember caused by other health issues. I get intense nerve pain which is unaffected by pharmaceutical pain killers but when I put this cream on, I get relief within minutes. I only wish it was available at more places near me.

  150. J garner

    I have Osteoarthritis in both knees,
    It was extremely painful to even attempt to walk. Applying this product to my knees allows me to walk normally nearly pain free and when applied before bedtime, I can once again sleep peacefully Thru the night without waking up several times due to pain. Saved my life!!

  151. Donna

    This helps me with my neck pqin and it works quickly. Also works great on my lnees

  152. cannabis directory

    Thanks for supporting the growing industry. It’s great to see people that care about the plant.

  153. Samuel Vasquez

    I’m going back to Michigan just for this stuff. Really helps my back pain and my Dads pain too! Really appreciate this stuff! God Bless!

  154. Gale Brudner


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