Transdermal Gel Pen – THC Indica

Cannabis Extract
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One of the fastest-acting, most accurately dosed cannabis products available. Mary’s patented gel pens have been reported to be a wonderful accompaniment to the transdermal patches or can be used on their own. Available in CBD, CBN, Indica and Sativa.


200mg THC
Onset: 5 – 15 minutes
Duration: 4 – 6 hours
Dosage: 50, 4mg doses

How To Use

The pen is most effective when applied to a veinous part of the body, like the top of the foot or inner wrist. Cleanse and dry skin prior to application. Twist end of pen counter-clockwise to unlock, and depress to dispense a 4mg dose. Effects are typically felt within 15 minutes and last up to six hours.


Cannabis extract, transdermal gel base, naturally derived terpenes.


  1. Al

    Really great. Mild. Terrific

  2. Rob

    Now I must drive back to Michigan to enjoy this wonderful pen. Please distribute it to other states.

  3. Kathy Goodrow

    The best topical out there, lightweight, clean not too sedating.

  4. Faith

    Bought this today and when I put it on I felt so much better. Thank you 💗

  5. Susan Huth Beckley

    I have spent 100’s of dollars trying every and anything to help me and SURPRISE…this works! A 5 star rating for the product a 1/2 * for the container. $70 I paid for mine. I had to have my husband pry off the cap for me. And I know there is more inside of this thing or at least I HOPE there is. Great product horrible container.

  6. Ann

    Easy to dispense, a predetermined quantity (2mg), and fast acting. I don’t know how to tell when I’m running low, though.

  7. Sean

    This pen is amazing! This stuff acts in less than 30min. I put it on my wrists and rub together. Works like a champ!

  8. J

    Hard to dispense. Product doesn’t list fragrance. There is fragrance wasted my $. Allergic to scents

  9. Bud Price

    Mary’s Indica Transdermal patch and Mary’s Transdermal Indica Gel are the only products I have found (prescription or otherwise) that provide me with the wellness benefits I need.

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