FORMULA Compound 1:1:1

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Experience the power of the Ensemble Effect to harmonize your Endocannabinoid System with Mary’s FORMULA Compound. This custom-curated cannabinoid and terpene ratio takes advantage of the accurate and discrete delivery method of our award-winning transdermal compound. Contains Beta-Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, D- Limonene, Alpha- Humulene, and Terpinolene for a well-rounded effect.

1:1:1 (100mg CBD:100mg THC:100mg CBG)
Onset: Immediate – 15 minutes 
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Dosage: Apply as needed

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How To Use

Apply generously over affected area every 3-5 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.


Mango Butter, Beeswax, Nut-Free Massage Oil Base (Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Assorted Vegetable Oils, Vitamin E Oil), Natural Fragrance, Oleic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate, Optiphen, Cannabis Extract, Beta-Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, DLimonene, Alpha- Humulene, Terpinolene


California, Colorado


  1. Jennifer Rowley

    This product is a godsend this winter.

  2. Tim Yracheta

    Works great!

  3. Beatrice Nyborg

    Wow this really works!

  4. Gerald Cox

    Found this topical material works really great . Wife rubs my back nicely. But was told that the jars are no longer available in area.

  5. Meg K.

    This is the only product I use and it’s wonderful! Recently, I’ve been using it on my face to see if it would help with my redness and it has! Both CBD and CBG have anti-inflammatory properties and it’s really helped brighten up my skin. Also, I was worried about breakouts, and I haven’t had any! I apply the balm to my face before using moisturizer and it keeps my face smooth and hydrated all day!

  6. Martha

    The best one I’ve used, I have Lupus, RA And disc disease helps with pain

  7. Dorene Juvenal

    Best stuff I’ve ever used!

  8. Mike Valerio

    This really works for me but for some reason it is getting very hard to find. Can you refer me to Florida pharmacies (Miami Area)?

  9. Elizabeth

    This is a great product! Much more effective than other CBD creams I have tried. It really helps and does not give you any high or altered feeling, despite the THC. I’m quite sensitive to fragrance and this product does have a strong terpene smell but I can tolerate for a bit until it lessens over time, but no additional fragrance like lavender. My partner also loves this cream and has found it pretty helpful.

  10. Sergio

    Bought Mary’s 1:1:1 for my wife who was against all THC and CBD products. Doctors kept pushing their drugs on her they eventually went working because her body was getting immune to them, so I begged her to try Mary’s and now she’s off the meds and a loyal Mary’s customer and a believer of cannabis products thank you to the Mary’s team for such a great product.

  11. Sarah

    The absolute best product on the market for all sorts of pain. I use it for severe cramps and it is the only thing that provides immediate relief. My partner has been using it to treat a knee injury and it’s been effective in keeping the swelling and pain down. I gifted some to my mom who now swears by it for her arthritis. I can’t recommend enough, thank you Mary’s Medicinals!!!!

  12. Derek

    Formula has dried specs of small partials that remain on the skin. Leaves a film on your hands also.

  13. Anapgonzalez

    For my is wonderfull

  14. Cynthia

    Best stuff ever!

  15. Frances Coburn

    How/where do you order Mary’s Transdermal Compound, CBD:THC, 1:1, 28g, .98 oz?
    Please inform me at
    Thank you

  16. Anthony Martello

    Excellent balance of anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects without negative side effects.

  17. Trine Shaffer

    I get this for my mother it really helps her ! She loves it.shes 79

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