About Mary’s

A lot of people ask, ‘who is Mary’? Mary is truly everyone. Mary is not one singular muse. Mary is that part inside of us that strives for a better quality of life.

We aim to advance the global understanding, acceptance, and adoption of cannabis and other plant-based medicines.

Best known as the developer and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Cannabis Patch, Mary’s is transforming how people view and utilize cannabis; developing products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.

In addition to being the first to deliver transdermal cannabis products, Mary’s was first-to-market the useful benefits of THCa and CBN, discovered harvesting techniques for the isolation of CBC, and continues to develop new cutting-edge approaches for isolating, manufacturing and marketing medicinal cannabis.

From our founder and partners to our scientists and production associates, our passion is paramount in everything we do. We firmly believe in the healing benefits of plant-based medicine and in particular, cannabis – both from our own experiences and the incredible results we witness in patients.



• Accurate Dosing

• Convenient Use

• Clinical-Grade Delivery

• Industry Leading Accountability

• Patient First Mentality


In the creation of each of Mary’s products, thoughtful consideration is given to increased effectiveness at low doses, and also to replenishing vital terpenes that are typically lost in the production of most cannabis products. We strive to ensure our products are accurately dosed, cleanly delivered and comprised of everything nature intended.


• United Patients Group Seal of Approval 

• Realm of Caring Seal of Approval 

• 2017 Most Valuable Brand Award – Cannabis Business Awards 

• 2017 Winner of Best Infused Product by National Cannabis Industry Association – Muscle Freeze 

• 2016 Winner of Best Infused Product in Medical Advancements by The Cannabist – Muscle Freeze 

• 2016 Edibles List Award – Best Transdermal 

• 2015 Denver Post Cannabist Awards – Best Medical Advancement 

• 2015 Winner of Most Innovative Product at the CannAwards – Transdermal Patch 

• 2015 Cannabis Business Awards – Invention of the Year 

• 2015 Cannabis Economy CannAwards – Finalist for Most Influential Person in The Industry & Most Influential Organization in the Industry 

• Cannabis Now Magazine Top 25 Cannabusinesses of 2015 – #6 

• 2015 Stevie American Business Awards™ – Best Healthcare Company; Best New Health & Wellness Product – Transdermal Patch 

• 2014 Cannabis Business Awards – Invention of the Year 

• 2014 High Times™ Cannabis Cup – Best New Product (3rd)

The Mary’s Difference

Since 2013, thousands of people have turned to Mary’s as a trusted resource for relief. Our pioneering products have earned us the highest respect as the most innovative and recognized brand in the nutritional hemp product industry.

What Makes Mary’s Different?


As the developer of the first transdermal patch, patented transdermal gel pen technology and award-winning topicals, Mary’s believes in the effectiveness of clean delivery methods. There’s a wide array of benefits of transdermal and topical applications such as the elimination of smoking, bypassing first-pass metabolism (from oral administration), dose control, continued release, convenience, ease of use and systemic effects.

Transdermal: Relating to, being, or supplying a remedy in a form for absorption through the skin into the bloodstream.

Topical: Designed for or involving local application and action (as on the body). The key difference between the two delivery methods is that transdermal refers to the nutrients reaching the bloodstream where it will have a systemic impact, while topical refers to the nutrients acting locally.

Transdermal delivery is designed to act on the entire body via application to the skin and topical application is more spot-specific and designed to act in the area of application.


On-site chemists oversee testing of all raw materials, extracts, and final products, which are held to exacting standards of purity and consistency. Paving the way, Mary’s was the first Colorado cannabis product manufacturer to acquire in-house Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) testing equipment and the staff to support it.

In 2018, Mary’s will obtain a Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) to expand its in-house testing capabilities, support ongoing research efforts, as well as contribute to the optimization of the current product suite and the development of novel offerings.


As more patients and their families begin to explore the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis, there is a growing need for objective, accurate and current information. Mary works with a number of experts and organizations to educate the community about the latest advances in cannabis medicine, and frequently hosts patient events in partnership with clinics and dispensary partners. Additionally, Mary’s sales teams train budtenders and managers on the science and administration of cannabis. We offer patient outreach programs, ongoing educational seminars, tutorials and on-site staff development.


Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic is our unwavering commitment to everyone who uses Mary’s products. We are proud and humbled by each and every story, each and every person, for whom our products offer comfort and relief.


Our commitment to our community is steadfast. We currently work with many organizations including Patients Out of Time, American Cannabis Nurses Association, Women Grow, United Patients Group, Healthy Choices, NORML, Americans for Safe Access and Realm of Caring.