Restore Muscle Freeze – 3oz

Cannabis Extract
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Say goodbye to unwanted aches and pains with Mary’s Muscle Freeze. Our Restore Muscle Freeze infused topical combined CBD with menthol and other whole plant nutrients to provide a quick soothing and cooling effect. A true topical, Mary’s Muscle Freeze is great with muscle aches.


300mg CBD
Onset: Immediate – 15 minutes 
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Dosage: Apply as needed

How To Use

Apply generously over affected area and sore muscles every 3-5 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.


Full spectrum cannabis extract with naturally occurring CBD, massage oil, menthol.


California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland


  1. Michelle

    Been using for 3 years now. It is my go to for my neck.

  2. rick kiewel


  3. Pastor Agnostic

    After being t-boned by a drunk, and multiple back surgeries, including hardware, (HUGE SCREWS and rods) the pain is unremitting. Mary’s Muscle Freeze helps with the spasms, and without a THC high. I can actually get through a day without screaming. Well, almost. At my local dispensary, I call it Mother Theresa’s Magic Freeze. They started calling it the same thing. I strongly recommend it. Even though it states “muscle” Freeze, it really helps lower the pain signals down my back and lowers the frequency of spasms in both legs. I only wish it were OTC.

    I also use the 50-50 topical transdermal compound, which also helps, but the relief with the CBD muscle freeze seems to provide more noticeable and faster relief. The transdermal compound seems to last longer, almost as if it is in a marathon, while the muscle freeze is more of a sprint.

  4. Mae goldberg

    Truly a godsend. Amazing how a simple rub on can help!!!

  5. Dawn

    There is nothing like it. This product helped my mom so much. Thank you, Marys

  6. Neil Kulkarni

    Awful applicator does not work go back to the pump, the small bottle has a twist off and the large bottle is garbage with this roll in that does not work! The product is great, only if I could get it out of the bottle.

  7. Ellen Gozdal

    I love the muscle freeze, but can you please tell me why you stopped shipping it to my dispensary?

  8. Glenn Grifton

    Mary’s works better than anything

  9. Bernice Meza

    Best product I’ve ever used

  10. Kathy Dennis

    It is the best product I’ve used to help my neck, and back of my head. I’m 64 and I’ve had many injuries to mu neck and head, including a C-2 fracture.

  11. Trish

    After my 2nd back surgery,this easy applicator is my “go to” in order to stay active. I’m an RN practicing for 45 Yrs- still going strong & loving it! It’s attitude as long as the pain and spasms don’t win!

  12. Teria

    I am lost without my Mary’s Muscle Freeze. I have been out for more than a month and hope your product will be back in stock Very Soon. There is nothing like it

  13. ShaRon Grant

    I have osteoarthritis and this product works wonders. Better than anything I’ve ever taken. Its a little pricey for my budget though.

  14. Brian

    I just started using Muscle Freeze for pain & soreness in my stiff neck, arthritic elbows and hands, creaky knees, and nagging lower back. It provides noticeable relief and I’m glad I purchased the product at my highly rated local dispensary. It will be a powerful and useful remedy in my wellness tool kit. I’m also glad to see that Mary’s Medicinals is not listed on the FDA warning list of companies to avoid. Keep up the good work!

  15. Jeanie


  16. Brian

    I use it for the elbows and knees, works really well!

  17. Rubi Fanzone

    This product has helped me muchly.

  18. Danielle LaBarre

    I bought this muscle freeze for my 85 year old grandmother who has bursitis in her arm (has a steel rod replacement) and cramps in her knee that was replaced last year. Seems like we have tried so many creams and sprays and this one finally gave her some relief! She said she sprays her arm at night before bed and has no trouble falling asleep or being kept up from the pain. She does her exercise on a stationary bike and sprays her knee before she starts and it helps a lot. I’m writing this review for her since she has no computer. Her birthday is coming up and I already know what to get her 🙂

  19. Matt Peterson

    Started using this on my arthritic knees yesterday. Immediate relief better than anything else I’ve used to date.

  20. Jonathan Sommer

    It works good I need more

  21. Tracey

    I loved your original muscle freeze. It worked so much better than the new transdermal. How am I supposed to order it?

  22. Kelly Macintosh

    I have fibromyalgia and Lupus and today my hand swelled up. I couldn’t move it. Yesterday I had horrible fibromyalgia muscle and spasms. Mary’s literally took enough of the pain away I was actually able to stretch my hand out. I’ll be buying this again. Worth every penny if you suffer with chronic pain. I wonder if it comes in a roll on. The only thing that would make it better

  23. Kelsey B

    LOVE Mary’s Muscle Freeze.

  24. Dawn

    I purchased Mary’s muscle freeze for my mother. It worked wonders for her. I really recommend this product.

  25. Annabelle

    I have recommended this product to many people and 2 have already given great reviews.

  26. Lew M

    It’s a pretty good product.It’s my number one go to

  27. Doug Jarvis

    I like the product but the stuff is hard to get out of the roll on. It takes work

  28. Chris Rincon

    As an amputee this has been a blessing. Use it when needed, allows for my legs to relax

  29. Judie Ammon

    This product is remarkable. I’ve used so many others, but, this one out does any I’ve tried.

  30. Judie Ammon

    This is the best topical I’ve found.

  31. Jillian

    Best stuff out there. It’s the only thing that works on my hip joints.

  32. Kim Brown

    Works great but I only applied it on one side of my neck 2 times and that was when my 3 ounce bottle failed to dispense any more product. 3 liquid ounces should go a lot further that that. I feel ripped off. You could have had a customer for life but either the applicator failed or there was not 3 ounces in the bottle

  33. Bonnie

    Works very well!

  34. Rita Eastburg

    This stuff is the greatest. It’s not at all like other CBD products my husband has tried for his daily, severe head/neck pain. Maybe it’s the menthol that makes the difference. He always keeps a stock of 4-6 bottles on hand because it is sometimes out of stock on-line or in our local Marijuana shop.

  35. BonnieBee

    How can I use if product cannot ooze out of rollerball??? I have squeezed bottle and two rolls and it is dry. I even bought two at one time and both containers will not allow liquid to roll onto ball. Saw another comment here of same problem.

  36. Carmen

    I can’t seem to get it out of the roll on. Is there a trick?

    • Aleah Radovich

      Often before the first use it can be helpful to squeeze the bottle upside down while rolling around to help create suction from the bottle and get the roller ball coated. Once the suction is created initially, it doesn’t seem to take nearly the effort to get the product to dispense.

  37. Evelyn

    It was a life saver! I suffer from sciatic pain, and had a really bad flare. It helped relieved the pain. I went back the next day and bought one for my mother.

  38. Kirk

    I need more!

  39. Jace Cobb

    How can I purchase the muscle freeze? Only thing I have found that works.

  40. Jennifer

    It’s amazing–but have not been able to find it anywhere near me since July. Any idea when it will be available again?

  41. Mary

    I am not sure how to use this. Other reviews mention a roller ball and the one I purchased does not have a roller ball; just a flat plastic top with a small hole in the middle of it. Is this one maybe not correct?

  42. Nancy

    Monumental product! Former budtender. I recommended Muscle Freeze to every person suffering with pain. I experienced remarkable pain relief myself. It’s great for muscle cramps. A little dab’ll do it. Cramps clears in just a couple minutes. My age spots and skin tags dried up and disappeared.
    I’m sad I can’t get it at the dispensary anymore as well as a squeeze bottle of lotion.
    Still….one amazing pain reliever!

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