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Energy Transdermal Patches are designed with synergistic Sativa terpenes and may provide a natural and sustained boost of energy throughout the day. Our patches are formulated with natural ingredients that work together to promote energy and vitality.

Mary’s award-winning transdermal patches come from our commitment to accurate dosing through an advanced delivery method. The discreet 2×2” squares simply adhere to any veinous part of the skin like the inner wrist of top of the foot for 8-12 hours of effect. Heat, sweat and water-resistant, Mary’s patches can be simply and accurately micro-dosed by cutting them down.

Available in CBD, 1:1 CBD:THC, CBG, CBN, THCa, Indica and Sativa.


20mg THC


Tips for Use
  • Remove the plastic liner and press the patch firmly onto clean, dry skin.
  • Apply the patch to venous areas, like the wrist or top of your foot.
  • Our patches are sweat and water-resistant.
  • Mary’s Patches can easily be micro-dosed by cutting them down into halves or quarters. 8-to-12-hour time release remains the same regardless of dosage.
  • Onset: 15-30 mins
  • When not wearing a patch, keep the area moisturized. This will ensure optimal performance when using patches.

How To Use

The patch is most effective when applied to a veinous part of the body, like the top of the foot or inner wrist. Cleanse and dry skin prior to application. Remove plastic liner and press patch firmly onto skin. Effects last up to 12 hours. Patch should be worn continuously.


Cannabis extract, eucalyptus, naturally derived terpenes.


California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Vermont, Illinois, Canada


  1. Marie Gray

    I love and strongly recommend these patches. I have back issues that nothing will help except these patches. It’s a miracle patch and wish it was more readily available. I try to stay stocked up.

  2. Maria parks

    This product is awesome. Of everything I have tried, this is the only thing that works. As an added bonus it also relaxes me. I will be a forever customer.

  3. Christopher

    Smooth sailing with this patch. Definitely not over potent and long lasting. I cut the patch in half and apply half to each wrist.

  4. JenTXRN

    Love this product. Switched between this and the Indica patch for night time. I can not wait until we can get this at home. It’s not fair that I have to be on vacation to get this!

  5. Patricia

    The best and only product, I’ve found so far that helps my mom. Just wish they had mail order 🙂

  6. Michael Grant

    Love their products wish they offered more online.

  7. Michael Polo

    i wish i could buy packs of the sativa and indica patches, they work very well and i am a high tolerance smoker who needs strong dosing and 1 patch of either sativa or indica got me very good feeling.

  8. Donna Gundlach

    Great product, time released alternative instead of pills throughout the course of the day.

  9. Jeremy Hulbert

    Love it
    Need a shirt in XL Im in Oklahoma, come to see y’all when I come up there to see my sister, I’m a patient in Oklahoma and I will sport you’re shirt and advertise out here for you, I’m a grower and and deal with dispensaries, please contact me 405 549 884 6, I’ll have your product on every Shelf

  10. Chris Doolen

    I have neuropathy in my feet and the only relief I get is from using this patch. The problem is I get it from our dispensary in Illinois and none of them have them anymore.😑

  11. Chris Doolen

    I have been living with neuropathy in my feet for many years. This patch has helped me more than prescription drugs. As soon as I put them on, the pain subsides. Thank you for making this patch.

  12. Tanesha Sanchez

    I love them just can’t seem to find in stock near me anymore

  13. Amber

    These seriously saved me after an extensive foot surgery. I couldn’t recommend them more!

  14. Greg

    Amazing product! Would highly recommend

  15. John T

    I like this product but found after awhile they irritate my skin. I’ve been putting them on the top of my feet but had to give up as the irritation spread and has taken a long time to heal. I switched to the transdermal compound for now.

  16. Blackout ouch

    FANTASTIC! Threw my back out today around 4 pm laying on the floor I remembered I bought one to try figured what a better day than now. 30 minutes later I was on my feet, still hurting some but considering I was unable to get up 30 minutes prior I’m good with that. Was able to get groceries and make food, and take care of things I needed to. Now it’s 11:36 pm and it’s definitely a noticeable difference in pain as the patch has just about run it’s course. This definitely proved to me these work very very well. Only problem is I only bought 1 to try and it’s too late to get more tonight.

  17. MarieNickole Stuckey

    Just diagnosed with cancer and a friend gave him this patch and it’s the ONLY thing that has helped, we just can’t seem to find it anywhere here even with a card.

  18. Casie Bedford

    Excellent product, works every time

  19. Becky Martinez

    It’s the best product that works for me daily.
    It helps me feel so much better. It helps me cope with life. But My Dispensary doesn’t have it at any of there locations. I need 30 a month.

  20. Becky Martinez

    I need the Sativa patches. I’ve been using Mary’s products for a year. I get sick without them. My Dispensary Liberty Health Services for All there locations have been out.
    I Need them. Please contact me
    I have Medical License

  21. Cy Smith

    These patches are the real deal. I have used the 1:1 and the indica patches. I get long relief from chronic pain. The gel pen is also another great product. Mary’s Medicinals make real medicine that works.

  22. Jason Klusek

    Where in Provide county Florida can I get this THC stativa?

  23. Terri Ellis

    This product is a godsend. Wish I could order on line.

  24. Lindon

    Worked for over 8 hours. Great product

  25. Rachel

    These patches have been a godsend!

  26. Carol Elizabeth Shulman

    I cannot take NSAIDS and can only take 2g. of Tylenol per day. I have several degenerative issues in my spine and 2 bone-on-bone knees. Now, I use the balanced CBD/THC patch for afternoon and the Indica THC for evenings/sleep. Absolutely fantastic products that restored my quality of life.

  27. K. C. McCarthy

    totally inadequate dosage. At a retail price of $10 per patch, this is not worth it. Mary should consider doubling the dosage and including at least 2 patches for this price. Will not ever purchase any Mary’s products again after these two [also tried ‘Formula’] proved to be totally useless.

  28. Erin Parker

    THIS IS A LIFE SAVER FOR ME!!!! But sometimes it’s so hard to find. I’ll have to go to 3-4 dispensaries to find it or get the qty I need.
    Please please please keep up the amazing work and keep making these patches!! Truly amazing!!!!! Thank you ❤️

  29. Robin Manesky

    I have been using these patches successfully for a long time! I am a medical patient

  30. Karlee Meyer

    As a stage 4 cancer patient, this is my only relief as opposed to the prescribed morphine and dilaudid. I need fast action with no side affects. I have a new severe sciatica pain in my left leg that left me in tears. I prefer natural treatment vs risk getting addicted to the narcs.

  31. Michelle Joplin

    Totally in awe at the lasting effects of this, I suffer from fibromyalgia and connective tissue disease and the relief I get from this is unmatched. My husband and mother in law use the Indica patches for back pain and MS and they are pain free or very minimal pain with a patch. Would literally be in agony without them. Thank you!

  32. Priti vyas

    Very good for pain thanks please send me more new prouduct

  33. Jay

    The best for relief without getting ‘stoned’. Way too expensive and very hard to find. The 30mg patches are $20ea! That doesn’t include taxes. So this is totally cost prohibitive. On top of that, all the local dispensaries in IL are out of stock.

    Please work on making these more accessible. You should sell a 3 pack of 50mg for $25, then people can actually afford to rely on it. Right now you’re just cutting yourselves off at the knees, no one is gonna keep buying these at the price you’re aaking.

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