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Our Relax Transdermal Patches are each formulated with synergistic terpenes that promote relaxation, calmness, and tranquility. Designed to help you unwind and destress after a long day, Relax products are perfect for incorporating into your daily routine.

Mary’s award-winning transdermal patches come from our commitment to accurate dosing through an advanced delivery method. The discreet 2×2” squares simply adhere to any veinous part of the skin like the inner wrist of top of the foot for 8-12 hours of effect. Heat, sweat and water-resistant, Mary’s patches can be simply and accurately micro-dosed by cutting them down.


Available in CBD, 1:1 CBD:THC, CBG, CBN, THCa, Indica and Sativa.


20mg THC
Tips for Use
  • Remove the plastic liner and press the patch firmly onto clean, dry skin.
  • Apply the patch to venous areas, like the wrist or top of your foot.
  • Our patches are sweat and water-resistant.
  • Mary’s Patches can easily be micro-dosed by cutting them down into halves or quarters. 8-to-12-hour time release remains the same regardless of dosage.
  • Onset: 15-30 mins
  • When not wearing a patch, keep the area moisturized. This will ensure optimal performance when using patches.

How To Use

The patch is most effective when applied to a veinous part of the body, like the top of the foot or inner wrist. Cleanse and dry skin prior to application. Remove plastic liner and press patch firmly onto skin. Effects last up to 12 hours. Patch should be worn continuously.


Cannabis extract, eucalyptus, naturally derived terpenes.


California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Vermont, Illinois, Canada


  1. K

    I’m 61. A friend suggested I try Mary’s transdermal. The transdermal patch, although not something I would use daily is effective, long acting. Thank you for a wonderfully helpful product.

  2. Jennifer

    This works perfectly for me

  3. phillip rich

    I have several issues with my back. Today I tried this patch on my lower back where I could find the most veins, and I’m blown away. I’m also surprised to feel the patch as well as I do. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  4. Marisa

    This patch is amazing and has a soothing efcect that is long lasting!!!

  5. Chris H

    This product is an excellent alternative. The slow release gives you a all day effect that simply cannot be beat. This has become my go to product. Thanks Mary.

  6. Shannon

    Love the THC Indica patch it is amazing! Unlike other patches, it really adheres tightly to the skin and feels secure. I like to sit quietly and literally slowly feel the effects come on and when they come on, oh boy is it good! It is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and it truly is consistent relief. Also, no paranoia and that may be just the indica talking (I haven’t tried the others) but I feel safe to medicate with the patch anytime day or night. Don’t buy other patches, I’ve tried some and they don’t compare and if your a little nervous about 20mg you can cut the patch in half and start out slow working your way up to a full patch. Hands down MUST TRY!

  7. Frank Paarfusser

    Work great, however my dispensary doesn’t have them in stock anymore. I ask about them and will they get them back in stock, never really get a answer. Other dispensaries in the northern part of the state have them, but I have a problem driving that far (due to the pain). Don’t want to change dispensaries because the one closest to me doesn’t explain the other products they carry, thc and cbd levels, indica or sativa, felt effects, work best on, just not enough information

  8. Elizabeth

    This product completely saved me. I broke a tooth and had to wait a week to get into the dentist. I was in pretty constant and extreme pain. I was nervous about using this product because I am not a smoker, and I dislike edibles and I wasn’t sure what to expect with this. Well… it eased my pain, and I felt completely normal, it also helped ease my anxiety and honestly just made me feel all around better. I am using a half of a patch in the am and a half of the patch at bedtime. I absolutely love it. Thank you for making this product.

  9. José Arthur Junior

    I’ve been suffering from chronic insomnia since I was 9 years old. I hate medicine. They lose their effect and I feel sick. I found that marijuana makes me sleep. However, my wife now wants a divorce because she treats me like an addict. I found out that the United States of America produces this transdermal patch and it will save my marriage. Here is prohibited. It could go into a can of powdered milk or something easier to pass. Will you help me? I pay and my wedding will be saved!

  10. Thomas Romig

    My wife has been using the CBD:THC patches for the past five years or more but the last batch we purchased does not adhere. Have you changed adhesive formula or adhesive suppier?

  11. Thomas Romig

    My wife has been using the CBD:THC patches for the past five years or more but the last batch we purchased does not adhere. Have you changed adhesive formula or adhesive supplier? We purchased forty units from Livwell in Trinidad less then a month ago.

  12. Bri

    I have fibromyalgia and this patch is a lifesaver when I have flare ups. I get moments where sitting is uncomfortable because my knees/back/shoulders are in so much pain. Once a I put one of these patches on the inside of my wrist I feel relief almost instantly. I can walk around or sometimes after a tough day working I’ll use one at night and it helps me sleep with out waking up throughout the night because of pain. Absolute lifesaver!

  13. Angela L Tetter

    Love them

  14. Jack

    GREAT! however, can’t find it here in 93010 where it is legal.

  15. Dawn Samborsky

    I used the Trans. Patch CBD-THC, 1:1 and a trip to my Chiropractor for my severe back pain. I only used 1/2 of the patch and I can’t believe how much better my back feels. Thanks ❤️

  16. Willy

    First thing I have used that just worked. I have chronic pain and undergo so many injections, ablations and use medical marijuana. This patch just relieved pain with no side effects that I noticed. Unfortunately, it isn’t economical for me to use daily.

  17. Beth

    I am shocked there arent other reviews on here! I love Mary’s product, and the indica patches personally with pain from lesions on certain parts of my brain to the herniated discs and pancreatitis her patches help alot. They are a little pricey at least for my income so I don’t get them as often as I would like too, but nonetheless it is a superior product in helping reduce pain

  18. Tannisha J Fitzpatrick

    Best Product for a non smoker like myself 😁 I suffer from paralysis and I can actually feel my fingers after using it.

  19. Frank Paarfusser

    Love the patch, but unable to get my hands on them. Why???

  20. Kayla Arvel

    I ordered this from my favorite dispensary today. This is the first time I have ever used any kind of patch and let me just say, this is amazing and I cant wait to get more. 🙂

  21. Amy

    Had terrible nerve pain in my back, totally helped. Actually put in the shoulder blade area vs wrist and fell like it worked better since that is where my us

  22. Tabitha

    It didn’t work and my ankles are severely swollen now

  23. Frank K Paarfusser

    Love the indica thc patches. Now it’s just being able to find them. Haven’t had any patches in over 8 months. What gives? One star on availability, five on pain relief.

  24. Carolyn Wilson

    I recommend cutting the patch in half, if you are new-ish to mmj. The full patch was a bit much, and not in a good way. I could not sleep very well. Woke up several times throughout the night. Very rough night. The patch began to itch on my wrist as well. I finally got to sleep once I took the patch off. I am giving 5 stars because I believe this product delivers the medicine as it should. My reaction is due to sensitivities and should not weigh on the product itself. Just wanted others to know, and offer a possible solution. My back, hips and feet feel great! I actually feel like had I slept, I could be dancing! My muscles are relaxed and my joints are not nearly as stiff!

  25. Edward Perkola

    I was skeptical about using this type of product. Being a newbie I was apprehensive of its efficacy and being a regular consumer thought it wouldn’t be strong enough. I quickly realized I didn’t need to worry anymore. The effects were fairly quick and smooth. Enjoyed the rest of the day in a perfect place of comfort. Thank you for this product.

  26. Sandy

    I do not like getting high off weed. I need total knee replacements for both knees therefore I’m stuck in a chair or in the bed. Smoking gets me high and helps the pain and then of course I over do it and either suffer the next few days or smoke more weed to elevate the pain, a viscious cycle, so to speak. However when I apply half of this patch it elevated the pain so that I can function but not over do it. These patches work great for me they enable me to function without the high. So if you’re looking for pain relief without the high try this product.

  27. Carolyn K Roubideaux

    Have used for foot pain and all over body aches. Find the THC patch to relieve my aches and pains right away and get good sleep because of the relief.

  28. Joe

    Phenomenal Relief is the new name for this patch in my house! This helped me maintain, along with the 1:1 pain relief cream! These allowed me to be medicated discretely without smelling of cannabis or giving up my medicating and 420 lifestyle to my family!

  29. Alisha Mills

    I love the patches bought one and bought another with in days I have a bad gallbladder and it help so much with pain and being able to be comfortable and relaxed

  30. Ken

    I’m a medical card holder and bought one of these patches quite a while ago…never used it as they’re a one shot use Item and a little pricey. I paid 10$ for one. Finally used it today as my lower back was super sore right when I woke up. Let me tell you this little baby worked like a charm!! Worth every dollar, I’ll buy more and save them for the really bad days! It lasted for 12 hours I was not disappointed

  31. GhosT

    Amazing, I’ve used many of Mary’s medicinal products and loved them (save is amazing for burns). Anyway I have serious back problems after multiple vehicle accidents and today I tried to move something a tad to heavy (bad idea) that lead to me laying on the floor in horrible pain (after the Dr prescribed pain killers had fully started to no real releaf). I remembered that I bought a patch to try out and figured what better day to try them out, so I slapped it on my wrist and 20 minutes later I was able to get back up and now (40 minutes after putting it on) I’m feeling better than I usually do despite having been incapacitated just 40 minutes ago. I’m still a tad soar but considering I just threw my back out I’m shocked at how much better I now feel. I used the sativa patch and I’ve noticed a very mild buzz (nothing as powerful than taking a hit) but that’s the point I don’t want to be fuzzy because I have to work. I also noticed my mood and energy are elevated a bit. But most of all I DON’T HURT MUCH AT ALL I purposely skipped my next dose of medicine just to make sure it was the patch and I can definitely say I will be buying more patches.

  32. Ed Bridgman

    Patches are amazing, the cream is cooling and has a nice fragrance! Both work exceptionally well!

  33. Elsie

    Absolutely fantastic.

  34. Patti

    This is my first time using this patch I applied as instructed on my top of my foot. I will be buying ur other products to try !! Thank you !!

  35. Janet Baker

    I swear by these I count not eat to cave my soul. I am doing chemo and when I started getting these I was not expecting them to work as well as they did. Now I xant live with out them thank you

  36. Stephanie

    I use the Indica patch,it is awesome. I use it during the day for my pain it starts working right away.


    I love the fact that a vape pen , edibles , smoking cannabis and now patches all help with pain on a regular basis. What I don’t like is how the patch causes pain around the area it’s placed on. I still don’t understand how it works so maybe other parts of the body will work aswell.

  38. Carey Konopaske

    I have fibromyalgia as well as insomnia and these patches have been my life savor. I use the Indica at night which releives my constant pain as well as helps with my restless sleep. Thank you for this wonderful, life-saving product

  39. Rachel

    I was in a bad car accident and the only thing that has helped. Y pain and allowed me to sleep through the night are these indica patches

  40. Crystal G Sanger

    I have Chronic Intractable Migraines, MS, and a slew of other health issues. Biggest is Daily Chronic Pain. I didn’t believe this patch would work, but I will never get a pain medication from my doctor again. The best I could describe is I felt like a “normal pain-free person”. It even helped my anxiety and stress! Best medication I’ve EVER used!

  41. Laurin S Yaeger

    Please, please, tell me when I can expect this in the stores. I just spent 9 days in the hospital detoxing huge amounts of physician-prescribed opioids. I was counting on this for pain relief and sleep. If you have any samples or can spare any until they are in the stores, I would forever. This recovery is more difficult than I ever expected and I almost relapsed. Every day is a struggle but I’m doing it. PS I’m rating you a 5 based on the patch, not the availability

  42. Miracle Jackson

    I don’t really like the patch. I don’t feel nothing happening and it been over 2 hours now.

  43. Kim

    This product helps my daughter a great deal, only problem is that it is not available alot in Summerfield, we have been waiting a month for these and gel pens.. please can you send some inventory so she can have this

  44. Michelle Green

    Highly recommend. Easy opening and application. I applied to my right inside wrist, within 20 mins I felt effects of the THC Indica patch. The material is stretchable and flexes so it doesn’t hurt my skin or get in the way. I’m very active so this is the best way for me to receive the medicinal benefit of marijuana.

    Yes my last name really is Green. ☺️

  45. Clare Montagna

    It I hard finding your product, i am a disabled nurse do to a work place injury. I live in California is there a way I could buy a one month supply and have it sent to me. Or can you tell me who in the LA California area who may carry it ? Thank you.

  46. Samantha Vasquez

    I am super sensitive to all medication and I do not take pills or drink alcohol. This patch works. They all do. Indica gives a slight buzz and works immediately. These patches are perfect. Perfect. Thank you, Mary’s!!!

  47. Samantha Vasquez

    I am super sensitive to all medication and I do not take pills or drink alcohol. This patch works. They all do. Indica gives a slight buzz and works immediately.These patches are perfect. Perfect. Thank you, Mary’s!!

  48. Tamara

    Need more of these

  49. Traci Fuller

    The indica patches have been the best thing I’ve ever tried. The CBN with indica helps with relaxation. These help more than any of the many medications I’ve tried.

  50. Al Pinson

    i’m on my flight back to the east coast and these got me feeling right i only put one on but i’ve been relaxing and munching the whole time haha

  51. Kathy Phillips

    The best patches I have found yet!!!!

  52. Briana Schultz

    I tried my first patch last night. I have many medical problems. This helped me. I wish more dispensaries carried this!

  53. Tina

    Where can I get these indica patches besides colorado.any help please

  54. Shawn Jaune

    My partner was having a hard time with edibles and finding the perfect dose. I read from a weed map blog that a transdermal would probably work better. So we tried one today and we are blown away. Perfect size to discretely help your condition

  55. Nicole

    Best product for pain! And every day use to just get thru the day

  56. Yvette

    I used the patch last night on my right wrist. Slept likes baby. I have very frequent migraines. I do not like the smell or smoke hemp. This was just the right way to relax and actually fall 💤 asleep.

  57. Barbara Dellis

    I occasionally suffer neck pain flareups from multiple car accidents that would require invasive injections/surgery, but have controlled it with MMJ, and when I had a recent flareup feeling like a 8/10, one of these patches took away the intense pain within 10 mins and after half hour, it felt like the origin of my pain NEVER existed. This may completely alleviate the need for my osteopath.

  58. Tonya H

    I have both the THC-INDICA and the CBN patches. Tonight, I tried the THC-INDICA patch for the very first time and it works better than any other patch I’ve tried. I’m in the California 95204 area so it’s not on the market out here. I’m grateful my sister gifted me with these patches because it was worth the wait. Just what I needed to end the evening.
    Thanks Mary!

  59. Mik

    Inovative way to remain pain free and still have focus and clarity. Throughout the day providing a nice warm buzz.. Dispensary is out of them most of the time is the only bad thing

  60. 1918

    Very confused. NY does not sell THC pain patch but all other THC products avaialble?

    • Mary’s Medicinals

      Hi there! Unfortunately, none of our products are available in NY. This product is currently only available in CA, CO, MI, MO, NV, OH, VT, IL & Canada.

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