Transdermal Compound – 10:1 CBD:THC

Cannabis Extract
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A nonintoxicating, spot-specific, transdermal balm formulated by our team of scientists to allow for much deeper penetration than traditional cannabis topicals. This high-CBD blend (300mg CBD and 30mg THC) quickly eases body tension and effects last for hours after application.


10:1 (300mg CBD:30mg THC)
Onset: Immediate – 15 minutes 
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Dosage: Apply as needed


Also available in 1:1 (100:100mg CBD:THC and 50:50mg of CBD:THC).


How To Use

Apply generously over affected area every 3-5 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.


Cannabis extract, mango butter, menthol.


  1. Cheryl Taylor

    I love Mary’s transdermal balm.

  2. Cherie Grasso

    Wonderful product!

  3. Kathy Phillips

    I love this and use it all the time. I highly recommend this compound.

  4. Dianne Williams

    Using this product for 6 months. My husband has nerve pain 3 back surgeries. It is effective for that and more. It’s Great!!!

  5. Sydney

    This product saves me. 10/10

  6. Charlie


  7. Christina

    Last August (2021) I went into surgery for my right knee, as well as having arthritis scrapped off the best he could get it but it still isn’t back to perfect. Both of my knees are beat down from years of over use. I now work as an instacart shopper and am on my feet for hours a day, squatting and going up and down stairs. When I get home I can hardly walk, soooooo today I went and purchased a 28g jar. OMG this balm is the best ever, within 5 minutes I felt the effects. This is the first time in almost a year I have finally found an excellent product. Thank you so much for making this outstanding product.

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