Transdermal Compound – 10:1 CBD:THC

Cannabis Extract
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A nonintoxicating, spot-specific, transdermal balm formulated by our team of scientists to allow for much deeper penetration than traditional cannabis topicals. This high-CBD blend (300mg CBD and 30mg THC) quickly eases body tension and effects last for hours after application.


10:1 (300mg CBD:30mg THC)
Onset: Immediate – 15 minutes 
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Dosage: Apply as needed


Also available in 1:1 (100:100mg CBD:THC and 50:50mg of CBD:THC).


How To Use

Apply generously over affected area every 3-5 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.


Cannabis extract, mango butter, menthol.


  1. Cheryl Taylor

    I love Mary’s transdermal balm I suffer with chronic pain

  2. Walter

    Ocean city md. stores do not have marys
    Compound 10 to 1 where can l buy

  3. Cherie Grasso

    Wonderful product!

  4. Kathy Phillips

    I love this and use it all the time. I highly recommend this compound.

  5. Dianne Williams

    Using this product for 6 months. My husband has nerve pain 3 back surgeries. It is effective for that and for our general arthritis and all joint pain. It’s Great!!!

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