This week Sarah M. Cohen continues her coverage of the CannMed 2018 Conference which took place in Los Angeles this past October. A particular focus of the conference was women and cannabis. Sarah reports on sessions that range from the history of women’s use of cannabis, presented by Ethan Russo, to a report on a smartphone app that can help women track their medicinal use of cannabis.

According to one presenter, Dr. Rosemary Mazanet, female baby boomers represent the largest segment of the medical cannabis market, so it is little wonder that researchers and marketeers would specifically look at how cannabis effects the female gender. And appropriately so. It is rather shocking to realize that it has only been within recent memorythat female-specific clinical research has been allowed.  As medical cannabis become more mainstream the important questions of gender interaction must be researched both in terms of science and also from a cultural perspective.

We hope you will enjoy Sarah’s articles.

Alice O’Leary Randall
Editor in Chief, Mary’s Prime Time



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