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Two of the Mary's Medicinals FORMULA products

Introducing FORMULA by Mary’s: Greater Strength, Greater Balance, Greater Relief

By: Allie Greenstone |


“It was all a dream,” just like Biggie said. For a handful of us at Mary’s, the concept of a multicannabinoid-based product line spent many months incubating in the depths of our brains. After all, there’s evidence that suggests that multiple elements of the cannabis plant (or a whole-plant concept) often boast better efficacy than isolated therapies alone. For us, ideating about a multivitamin, but in the context of cannabis lit up our super-nerd heads. Factor in a nootropic-style design for functionality and, thus, FORMULA was born. 

Phase by phase, FORMULA grew into an even better reality than the initial dream. An ensemble of cannabinoids, terpenes and intention meant harmony of our Endocannabinoid system…and thus, our health.

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the family of receptors responsible for how we intake and process cannabinoids, is fundamentally a set of locks (receptors) and keys (cannabinoids). In the case of cannabis, every key, or cannabinoid, is slightly different. For example, the THC key mainly fits into the locks that are in our brain and central nervous system, which explains why we feel a psychoactive effect in our head from THC (widely known as “feeling high”). The CBN key fits into the locks found in our muscles and immune system, which is the reason we feel a body relaxation effect from this cannabinoid. Alternatively, CBD doesn’t fit well into many of the locks, but it helps to produce the keys that are made by our own bodies (endogenous cannabinoids) to optimize the entire system and the health benefits that come with that. It’s a very complex system, but an analogy that can be easily understood is that the more keys you have, the more that can be unlocked. And thus, the name and concept of the Ensemble Effect were important for us to represent that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts. You can read more about the Ensemble Effect at the bottom of this page.


The Ensemble Effect - Mary's Medicinals


The general ideology behind FORMULA is to amplify the wellness factor by way of a multi-cannabinoid approach to heighten ECS stimulation. Basically, we’ve taken as many keys as we can naturally source to unlock a wild number of locks! Each FORMULA product (the FORMULA Transdermal Compound, FORMULA Transdermal Patch, and FORMULA Sublingual Oil) contains between three and five prominently dosed cannabinoids as well as six terpenes.

FORMULA Product Line


Terpenes also play a part in the lock and key analogy, but more so the role of WD40 that can help the keys really live their best lives. A well-supported ECS will, in turn, support functionalities like our immune system (hello, global pandemic), learning and memory, metabolism, reproduction, anxiety and so much more. FORMULA allows consumers to reap the combined benefits of various extractions from the cannabis plant in Mary’s tried-and-true delivery methods. ‘Wellness unlocked,’ if you will. 

FORMULA very intentionally and scientifically combines a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes for their variety of synergistic effects to maximally stimulate the ECS with singular product options. Cannabis, similar to a superfood, is nutrient-dense for health and well-being. Like a multivitamin, Mary’s fuses together a multitude of cannabis-based elements. Lastly, similar to a nootropic, FORMULA has been designed to improve the functionality of how these elements work with our bodies. A symphony of cannabinoids. Music to our endocannabinoid systems. I could go on, but I shan’t.


CB1 and CB2 Receptors - Endocannabinoid System


With the FORMULA Patch and Transdermal Compound, Mary’s now offers elevated versions of some of its fan-favorite products. The cannabinoid CBG in the Compound is next level for superficial conditions, being that it’s antimicrobial and has an incredible affinity for receiving into the ECS receptors found in the skin. The Transdermal Patch, designed for mood, offers ultimate versatility. Want to relax and fade into a great night’s sleep? Go for it with a whole 30mg patch. Looking to promote a calm demeanor or support physical wellness during the day? Cut the patch in ¼’s or ½’s for use any time of day.

The FORMULA Sublingual Oil has recently become my new favorite product. It’s lifted my mental fog and has given me what feels like the reinvigoration I’ve needed for some time. I wake up ridiculously early, take my .25mL of FORMULA oil, hit 6am SoulCycle (insanity, I know), and am off to crush my day from there. I feel happier, focused, clear-headed, and more motivated than I’ve been in a while…even more so than before the pandemic. Sure, there are still mornings when I don’t want to leave my amazingly comfy bed cuddling with my dogs, but they’re few and far between these days. It’s with great excitement to share that this product has wholeheartedly changed my life and will remain as part of my every-day cannabis regimen.

As part of an industry where many organizations, quite frankly, value profits over integrity, Mary’s is rooted in making a difference in peoples’ lives and doing so with industry-leading accountability. Guided by our incredible science and innovation teams, FORMULA is our answer to those who want the best possible benefit from the cannabis plant. Holding true to the nature of the Mary’s brand, we’re again leading the charge at the forefront of innovation to better understand the science of cannabis and progress our industry forward for the better.

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and we sincerely thank you for supporting Mary’s Medicinals and being the reason we love what we do. So please tell us your stories on social media, share how cannabis products are working for you (Mary’s or otherwise), and help us spread the passion of plant medicine!