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PRIME TIME #52: Healing Wounds with Cannabis

By: Alice O'Leary Randall |

Did you know that the largest organ in the body is the integumentary system, otherwise known as your skin?  Comprising of roughly 20 square feet and seven layers, your skin does quite a lot including protection, sensitivity, regulation of temperature and more.  Not surprising, the skin also is an important player in your endocannabinoid system with abundant CB1 receptors. This has led to the development of new skin products that feature CBD which promise beauty and healthy skin, including many available at Mary’s Nutritionals (

But Dr. Vincent Maida has a far more serious interest in how the skin processes cannabinoids. 

Dr. Vincent Maida

A Canadian physician and associate professor at the University of Toronto, Dr. Maida was a presenter at the recent International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) meeting in Berlin (Oct 31 to Nov 2) and his 15 minute “lightening round” presentation was among the most exciting in a very exciting meeting.

Maida’s interest is in the ability of cannabinoids to heal serious wounds such as those experienced by diabetics or people with vascular disease.  He observed, correctly, that wound care in these particular categories is ineffective and extremely expensive.  Wound care is a huge industry. In the USA alone, according to Maida, $80 billion dollars is spent ANNUALLY!  

Wounds are not only painful, they also expose the body to outside diseases that can have drastic impact on the body, including the “superbugs” such as MRSA.

Dr. Maida has developed what he calls TCBM – Topical Cannabis-Based Medicine and has been conducting research with the proprietary medication. At the IACM Maida presented some slides with dramatic photos of his success.  And, even better, Dr. Maida has his presentation, in longer form, on YouTube so you can see for yourself the incredible results of cannabis-based medicine.  

In a study of 40 patients with wound duration of six months to twelve years, Dr. Maida reported a 90% success rate!  In a July 2019 article from,  Maida said, “I’m actually the first on record worldwide to start applying cannabis products to wounds to help with pain management, and now showing that it can heal the unhealable wounds in very elderly and sick patients. I’m literally healing wounds that otherwise people would be dying from or dying with… When I show the before and after pictures, people can’t believe that these results are real – but they are real!”

Once again the promise of cannabis-based medicines reveals a bright future. With researchers such as Dr. Maida  there is every reason to hope that many of today’s intractable medical problems will be solved, and soon. ❖