#33 PRIME TIME: Stirring the Pot

Among the more fascinating presentations at Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) 2019 Conference was from a researcher who has genetically shown the federal government’s own marijuana is much more closely aligned to hemp than it is to the currently available medical cannabis varieties in Colorado. The delightfully coiffed Dr. Anna Schwabe presented some fascinating results […]

#32 PRIME TIME: Hanging with a Legend

Two years ago, in the spring of 2017, I decided to drive across country to attend a medical cannabis conference in Berkeley, California.  The timing was perfect because it allowed me to stop in Pueblo, Colorado to attend the inaugural conference of the Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) at Colorado State University. I was curious […]

#31 PRIME TIME: Nurses Convene in San Diego to Learn About Cannabis

Written by Eloise Theisen, RN, AGPCNP-BC* The 4th annual Cannabis Nurse Network Conference(CNNC) was recently convened in San Diego, California (February 28-March 2). As a speaker, I enjoyed many perks such as speaker coaching by Maureen McNamara from Cannabis Trainers, continuing education units and an opportunity to showcase my company, Radicle Health, in the vendor area. The event was […]

#29 PRIME TIME: The Faceless Enemy

At the recent CannaTech Panama conference I met Tarso Araujo, a young Brasilian. It was the sort of fortuitous meeting that makes conferences so worthwhile.  Tarso is a journalist who wandered into a story about children and cannabis. The story was so compelling that he decided to make a film. That film is now on […]

#28 PRIME TIME: Hail Colombia!

Wars have many casualties and the War on Drugs is no different.  Here in the U.S. those casualties have been primarily the human kind with disproportionate punishment of people of color.  But in some cases the drug war, like conventional war, has decimated entire countries. Just consider Colombia, South America. Colombia’s drug cartels are notorious, […]

#26 PRIME TIME: CannaTech Panama Day 1

Researchers, growers, physicians, entrepreneurs, and investors…the typical components of any cannabis conference these days and CannaTech Panama is no different — except for the the two former DEA agents.   Charles Feldman and Matt Murphy surprised the crowd with their folksy tale of conversion during the late afternoon of CannaTech’s first day. They were greeted […]

#25 PRIME TIME: Panama Legends and Future

Back in the day, as they say, I was a young college student at the University of South Florida enjoying the forbidden fruit of marijuana. The year was 1967 and it was all so clandestine.  It  felt very wicked, especially one regular batch of product called “The Big O.”  It was rumored “The Big O” […]

#24 PRIME TIME: Educating Today’s Cannabis Clinicians

When a medication that has been prohibited for 82 years, is suddenly made available to large numbers of patients, it takes a bit of effort to train the clinicians who are already in the field much less get a curriculum organized for today’s healthcare students. For the doctors and nurses already in practice, the growing […]