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#19 PRIME TIME – Let the Conferences Begin

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Conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars … whatever you care to call them, these days  there is no scarcity of meetings that discuss cannabis.  Even as recently as five years ago, cannabis conferences were few and far between. Today, however, you can easily find a cannabis-related meeting every month. Soon, I have no doubt, it will be virtually every week.

And speaking of virtual, you can even log in (or dial in) and hear the former Speaker of the House John Boehner talking about how rich the cannabis market really is and now is your chance to make thousands, even millions on cannabis stocks. Advertisements for these particular seminars are prominent on the cable talk shows that focus on business.

We have reached the future, dear friends.

Mary’s Prime Time blog is committed to keeping you informed about the many cannabis conferences that are scheduled around the globe in 2019. Initially our concept was to keep readers abreast of research developments, which are advancing at a quantum clip (although not here in the U.S., where Schedule I continues to hinder researchers and entrepreneurs alike). With the dramatic escalation of cannabis reform around the globe, however, it became apparent there were many exciting developments clamoring for our attention. This led to a change of format for Mary’s Prime Time — from hard copy to blog. It has also led to a broadening of focus and in 2019 we will look at not only emerging research but also economic trends, developments with respect to standards, and the rapidly escalating global cannabis reform.

On February 11-13, I will be in Panama City, Panama for the first Canna-Tech Panama Conference which will focus on the rapidly evolving Latin America cannabis market. Canna-Tech has become a global leader with respect to well-rounded cannabis conferences which explore numerous facets of the cannabis issue.

On March 23-25, I will attend the 3rd Annual Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) Conference in Pueblo, Colorado. The ICR is part of Colorado State University and receives funding from cannabis taxes levied by Colorado. Past conferences have been packed with fascinating concurrent sessions and two keynote speakers. This year’s keynoters are Mahmoud A. ElSohly and Allyn Howlett, two pioneers of cannabis research. 

Dr. ElSohly has been affiliated with the University of Mississippi Marijuana Project for more than two decades.  

Dr. Allyn Howlett will deliver the prestigious Mechoulam Lecture and was personally recommended for the honor by Rafael Mechoulam (who delivered the inaugural Mechoulam Lecture in 2016). Dr. Howlett was among the original discoverers of the endogenous cannabinoid system and has devoted her life to the study of cannabinoid receptors.

The first two ICR Conferences were really excellent. Over the next couple of weeks, to give you a taste of just how eclectic the presentations are, we will be reprinting some of our coverage from the 2018 ICR Conference that appeared in the third hard-copy issue of Mary’s Prime Time. If you can attend this year’s meeting I highly recommend it.

And stay tuned for 2019 cannabis conference coverage beginning in February, right here at Mary’s Prime Time blog. ❖


Alice O’Leary Randall