Renowned Medical Cannabis-Patient Advocate to be Mary’s Medical Cannabis Ambassador

DENVER, March 26, 2015 – As part of its ongoing mission to reach as many patients as possible with trusted canna-based treatments, Mary’s Medicinals today announced that Alice O’Leary Randall will be joining its team to bolster education and outreach efforts.

“Alice has a truly unique perspective on cannabis medicine that will allow us to better support the patients that rely on us,” said Nicole Smith, CEO of Mary’s Medicinals. “The ideas, understanding and compassion that Alice will bring to Mary’s will be invaluable as we grow.”

The widow of Robert C. Randall, the acknowledged founder of the medical cannabis movement, Alice is joining Mary’s Medicinals as Medical Cannabis Ambassador and Board Member of Mary’s Foundation for Caring 501(c)(3).

Alice has been called “the First Lady of medical marijuana” and is known as a medical-cannabis pioneer. After retiring from a career as a hospice nurse, she returned to the fight for medical cannabis on multiple fronts, including as a Member of the Board of Directors of American Cannabis Nurses Association.

“I’ve been involved in the fight for cannabis patient rights for four decades. It’s wonderful to see new innovations such as Mary’s Medicinals patches, gels, capsules and compounds that allow patients to more safely, accurately and effectively medicate,” said O’Leary-Randall. “Mary’s Medicinals and the Foundation for Caring are fantastic vehicles for patients to learn about how they can access and benefit from cannabis medicine. To my knowledge, the foundation is the first focusing on the needs of cannabis patients.”

Alice will be speaking at the 2015 Americans for Safe Access Medical Cannabis Unity Conference in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 28 at 9:30 a.m. and Monday, March 31 at 10:30 a.m. Mary’s Medicinals is a gold sponsor of the conference.

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