Distillate Vape Carts

Cannabis Extract
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Mary’s utilizes distillation to produce the cleanest and most potent cannabis oil for its vape products. The 500mg cartridges contain only cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers, cutting agents or other additives. Available in THC Blend and 3:1 CBD:THC.


How To Use

Screw vape cartridge into battery, then press battery button and inhale. Release button after you've inhaled desired amount. 

Key Ingredients

Cannabis extract, terpenes.


  1. motownmatty734

    I have the sugar cookie one it’s awesome sit yourself in the couch 🤯🤯😄😲

  2. Eric

    Love these , works fast

  3. Austin Henry

    Clean, potent, the best I’ve had.

  4. Joseph Turpin

    I buy your brand from a local retailer, and was disappointed yesterday because they were sold out. I’ve had the Sugar Cookies and the GG#4, loved ’em both! Thanks guys & gals, gals & guys! 😀

  5. Mike Stuebben

    Great. Absolutely love these carts taste good. B getting more these for sure

  6. Pam

    patches were very helpful.

  7. MB

    Got mine as a Christmas Present. Deliciousness

  8. Ali

    This review is for CBN:CBD vape cart. Pros: Stellar product. I love it, levels me out. Cons: availability, extremely hard to find. I’ve only been able to find it twice in 2years.

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