Distillate Vape Kit

Cannabis Extract
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Mary’s utilizes distillation to produce the cleanest and most potent cannabis oil for its vape kit. The 500mg cartridges contain only cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers, cutting agents or other additives. The kit includes an adjustable-voltage battery that displays battery life and draw time. Available in THC Blend, 3:1 CBD:THC and CBN.


How To Use

Screw vape cartridge into battery, then press battery button and inhale. Release button after you've inhaled desired amount. 

Key Ingredients

Cannabis extract, terpenes.


  1. Jorge Quiroz

    Great products!!

  2. Elizabeth Ashe

    Bought one for my husband about 4yrs ago,never a problem!!
    I need one now

  3. Raymond Santillanes

    I love this vape pen. I lost mine and it is hard to find another. Please help

  4. Joshua Boris

    This is by far the best vape kit around. The battery is amazing in the fact it has surpassed all other battery’s by about three years. What surprises me more is how no one else has commented on great this product is.

  5. Dan

    One of the very best.

  6. Marla Horwitz

    I’ve tried all of Mary’s products. They are top of the line.

  7. Jake

    Best battery I ever haven’t had to replace going on 5+ years

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