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Cannabis Extract
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Available in CBD and CBN, the enteric-coated vegan capsules are optimal for regimen users and are a great complement to transdermal applications. Recommended dosage is one (10 mg) capsule per day. Available in an introductory 5-count pack and a traditional 30-count pack, these capsules are an easy way to introduce cannabinoids to your daily regimen.


5-Pack: 50mg CBN
Onset: 60-90 minutes
Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Servings: 5
30-Pack: 300mg CBN
Onset: 60-90 minutes
Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Servings: 30

How To Use

Take one capsule daily or as needed. Do not take on an empty stomach.


Powdered cellulose, vegan capsules, cannabis extract, naturally derived terpenes.




  1. Kimberly Haywood

    Amazing CBN formula has helped me

  2. Shannon Cassidy

    Awesome products. I love the CBN/CBD capsules. I use the CBN/CBD capsules nightly. I notice a big difference when I don’t have these products. I wish it was a little more accessible to buy. It’s becoming harder to get.

  3. Donna Nixon

    I’d like to try the CBN capsules

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