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Cannabis Extract
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Mary’s 1:1 CBD:THC tincture creates the “entourage effect” and utilizes a unique terpene blend that harnesses the wellness benefits of cannabis. The Remedy 1:1 CBD:THC utilizes a graduated dropper for accurate dosing. Just 0.25mL constitutes a dose, and there are about 54 doses per bottle. 


1:1 (300mg CBD:300mg THC) or (100 mg CBD:100mg THC)
Onset: 15 minutes
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Servings: 54 doses

How To Use

Use the measured dropper to fill to desired amount. Start with 0.25mL and administer under the tongue.


Safflower oil, cannabis extract, natural terpene blend.


Maryland, Nevada, Ohio


  1. Lynette

    I love this product, but can not find it where I live. Calaveras County California

  2. Heather

    I’ve tried a lot of cbd tinctures and this one works best for me.

  3. Gregory L Senich

    Unlike most of you, I have a severely low tolerance for ingestibles, so I find that one drop is enough to produce the desired effect for me. I did two drops initially and it was too intense. It lasts me a LOT longer than it might if one did the suggested initial dose. In theory that is 2mg of each per drop. It seems far more potent, which is a good thing in financial respects.

  4. Nehemiah

    Absolutely the best tincture I’ve ever purchased. Much more effective at pain relief and bringing a positive mood, compared to plain CBD oil. Provides the right amount of pain relief and doesn’t get you stoned like an edible. The graduated dropper allows you to effectively dose yourself as needed. I was able to overcome debilitating back pain by taking just a .25ml daily and finding my sweet spot. Allowed me to function daily without feeling lost in a high.

  5. Shayna

    Helps so much!

  6. Linda Morrissey

    Great stuff. Consistent and concentrated. Acts like a hybrid or indica dominant hybrid for me, probably because of the CBD added.

  7. Donna

    My sister-in-law sent me a bottle of your product, and it was a 95.9 life changer for me as far as my neuropathy pain,Neuropathy is a horrible horrible pain as the nerve pain is the worst according to the medical personnel, I want to order some more because I’m getting very low but I have to wait until after the sixth of Feb so I hope I can stretch this out

  8. Scott Petersen

    I am on my second bottle, let it sit under tongue for a min or two. No joke works really well.

  9. Kimberly

    AMAZING product and VERY POTENT anti-inflammatory !!
    It helped soothe the whole body
    Not just my digestive system , but severe spine/nerve pain and was dulled , and little aches and pains had become used to as a part of life melted away !
    Also even though no flavor I think it tastes GREAT I really prefer it over all taste wise too
    I wanted to cry in happyness when it kicked in because it did a MORE for me than my codeine and Valium in terms of overall pain and muscle tension!!!
    Utterly astonished on how much the product helped me

    I’m super grateful for this company and can’t wait to get more ( when I run out because a little goes a long way with this stuff )

  10. Deb

    This is the best tincture I have ever used!

  11. Margaret newton

    Thc liquid tastes awful. Oil under the tongue yuck. Dont know what i am going to do with the rest of the bottle.

  12. Susan Davies

    I bought this product for pain relief and to reduce inflammation from arthritis. Much to my surprise if I put a quarter of a dropper full under my tongue before bed I sleep so peacefully I can’t believe it! I don’t think it’s because it’s reducing inflammation I think it has a calming affect on my ADHD! What a wonderful surprise benefit!

  13. Terence L Reiley

    Surprised how good l felt. Very relaxing and tremendous help for my joint pain.
    Tried similar products, Marys is much more effective.

  14. Rls2rsr

    This is a great product to help me sleep at night. The perfect combination. Unfortunately I can’t find it at any of my local dispensaries anymore 🙁

  15. Larry Watson

    I just love this product as I use it to help my sore knees and elbows. It is worth the price and as a medical card holder it’s safer then the pain medication I have taken in the past .

  16. Maria Seres

    It’s an awesome product. Unfortunately, can’t find it in Illinois anymore . None of the dispensaries has it. You might consider selling online and shipping. Can’t believe it’s a shortage of product….

  17. Kady Hornbacher

    I have stomach issues causing pain and instant need to find restroom. Been to doctors on and off bunch different meds they made symptoms worsen I thought I’d try this when I googled our herbology up the road and it didnt disappoint. I take when my stomach starts to act up one dose and within 15 mins I can feel the pain fade away and it last me the rest of the day. I will forever buy this! Thank you for helping me!

  18. Christine

    I found this product to be amazingly effective at addressing the mood swings of perimenopause. Even using micro doses (I generally used only 2-3 drops at a time so around 1/10 of a dropper full), it could cause even a severe depressive episode to turn the corner within an hour of medicating.

  19. Rita Schwartz

    Love the 1:1 drops. I have used other products and this by far is the best that Iv’e had. My sleep is great with these drops. I feel like I get a good nights sleep with this no matter what time of day it is taken. I mainly use the drops to regulate mood and anger and it helps me a lot. I feel like I can function with a level head rather than being hot headed. I’ve been using .25 for about two months now and I have not needed more. I really love this product and look forward to trying more from this company.

  20. Jamie

    I’m trying for the first time I’ve had neck and back surgery and always stiff hour this works

  21. S L

    The best at bedtime

  22. Lexi Kuehl

    Why is there cooking oil in this????!!! It has made my fiance sick and it should NOT be allowed to be sold! This product needs to be removed, cooking oil doesn’t belong in CBD products that’s super harmful!

  23. Andrew Shoner

    My wife loved it! It helped her with her shoulder pain.

  24. Andrew Shoner

    Great stuff!!! Helped with joint pain and anxiety. My wife received a bottle and I took a couple of drops and new this was for me.

  25. Norval MIILLER

    i use this about 15 min before bedtime.

  26. Rob

    I discovered Mary’s 1:1 when California legalized thc sales and it has been a game changer. I feel normal again and able to function in stressful situations.

  27. John Briand

    Looking forward to trying your product I will review in the months to come

  28. Tasha

    I’m not one to write reviews on products however this has stood out beyond belief! It’s like a bottle of magic.

  29. Keenan Rigg

    One of the best CBD oils I have ever used. I took it before I went to bed And I was out like a light CBD oil with THC helps so much better then straight CBD

  30. Hillary

    As a woman in her mid 40’s, this changed everything. I take it 2 hrs before bed. Highly recommend.

  31. Hashem

    First time user last night. Took dosage as recommended. It was not effective at all. Please share your experience as far as dosage go. Thanks

  32. Mel

    This stuff is so good. It makes me happy and works fast. I sleep well on it and could probably function on it during the day as well. Usually i take just to chill out once or twice a week.

  33. Digna Ponce

    I have this as a gift, from my best friend, im so excited about have the opportunity to try it. Like someone said, it’s a bottle of magic.

  34. Linda

    Received as a gift, 57 year old who had two separate tendon repair surgeries on same foot in two years. Intense pain and tingling at surgery site. I take before bed it really helps take the edge off my pain and helps relax me so I can rest!
    Not sure what I will do when this bottle is gone!

  35. Barbara

    I took dosage as recommended and my chest was burning and made me feel terrible. I would not recommend and when I reached out to dispensary they wouldn’t assist and I was unsuccessful reaching the manufacturer

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