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Cannabis Extract
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A soothing citrus vanilla flavor, plus the synergistic qualities of CBN and CBD, The Remedy Tincture – Sleep promotes whole body rest and relaxation with minimal intoxicating effects. Vegan, sugar-free, and safflower oil-based.

1:1 (200mg CBD: 200mg CBN)
Onset: 15 minutes
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Servings: 54 doses

How To Use

Use the measured dropper to fill to desired amount. Start with 0.25mL and administer under the tongue.


Safflower oil, cannabis extract, vanilla flavoring, orange flavoring.


Missouri, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio


  1. Stacie

    This stuff is amazing!!

  2. The Love Ambassador

    The Remedy 1:1 CBN:CBD Is the answer to the question of what is the best delivery system for a non-smoker like myself. Mary’s Remedy too. It is the best canabis product that I have found for at least 3 reasons. #1 it’s a non smoke delivery system #2 It’s sugarless and #3 It’s easy to get the exact dosing that I want. Since I decided that I would never smoke Canabis again for the health reasons. I’ve tried edibles: cookies, gummies, chocolates, brownies none of them satified me for various reasons sugar being the #1 reason followed by inability to control dosing. In Mary’s, The Remedy–CBN:CBD, I found the answer and total solution to my question and dilemma regarding the right cannabinoid delivery system for me, and others like me. Thank You Thank You Thank You Mary’s Medicinals for providing a product options of us non-smokers who enjoy the benifts of cannabis. Your on the right track Keep Going!

  3. Diane Johnston

    I love it! It works

  4. Janice

    I hate to give a bad review because maybe I needed more than I took. It says to start at 25 ml so I started at 50ml and had no sleepy time at all. It’s so expensive at $75 that if I have to take 1ml to go sleepy there are only 12 doses in the bottle. I’d love some advice about the product to make it more useful to me. Thanks

  5. Amber Phillips

    Ok this stuff is amazing! I have literally struggled with insomnia and been addicted to over the counter sleeping meds for years! I take a few drops under the tongue then about 30 min later I’m asleep! It is a bit on the pricey side and hard to find in the springs. But the few stores I know that carry it, I’m their best customer.

  6. Maj

    Truely a great remedy for sleep, anxiety and muscle tension. I am surprised not alot of people know about this product and its amazing effects for such ailments. Personally I have used this product to help me ween off awful pharmaceuticals including opiates, and indeed it helped take the edge off especially combined with other cannabinoids. It does what it says, and this is coming from a veteran cannabis aficionado whom tries to eradicate anxiety and insomnia by consuming this holy/precious plant, so by far this is a hidden gem in the market.
    Now can you please provide me with a good deal to buy more and try other products for writing this review, please man 🤣. On a serious note, great product so thank you for such a specific natural medication. Peace out ✌

  7. rita

    I love the product, a bit pricey but can you put a price on sleep. this keeps me asleep through the night.

  8. Kathryn

    I splurged on this because I have disrupted sleep fairly often. It was well worth it. I still might wake up in the middle of the night- but I’m so perfectly drowsy that I fall right back to sleep like a baby.

  9. Melanie

    Amazing product for my countless physical issues. I wish it came in a larger size. Current bottle size is too small

  10. Melanie

    Amazing product and I’ve never tried a cbd product this responsive. The CNN eliminates my anxiety over pain levels. Only wish the bottle came in a larger size.

  11. Melanie

    $22 price increase on this product is crazy. I was a loyal customer purchasing 4 bottles at a time but due to the drastic price increase I will no longer buy this product which is horrible because it was fantastic

  12. Che

    Just tried this for the first time tonight… AMAZING I have been suffering from Anxiety and Insomnia….. took it about an hour ago…. super relaxed and ready for bed finally 👍🏼👍🏼

  13. Laura

    This WONDERFUL in combating my almost daily headaches. I believe it’s the CBN that does the trick. I had not had this great of a result with CBD only products.

  14. Donna


  15. J Rubin

    Not only did this product not help me sleep, but it leaves an odd metallic aftertaste that lasts for at least a day afterward. Very disappointed.

  16. i loved this


  17. Nicole L

    I’ve been using this product for the last 2 months and it has really helped!

  18. Brandy K Taylor

    Absolutely Fabulous!!

  19. take effect or take affect

    I cannot go a day without my my cbd salve!

  20. full spectrum cbd oil

    This is great! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

  21. Nik

    This stuff is so expensive but it works so well. I don’t know why it’s so expensive. Hard to manufacture? As long as I can afford it, I will use it. I like that it’s not with THC. I sleep soundly. Take .50 on bad nights.

  22. Mitchell Glaser

    I have started giving this to my mother who is 91. I only give her a drop or two a day, much less than even the recommended starter dose, and the results are almost better than I could have hoped. As her 24 hour caregiver, this has helped me maybe even more than it helped her.

    My only request to Mary’s: can we please have a water soluble version of this? I would buy a case!

  23. David

    I have been very happy with the product.

  24. Krista

    The Remedy – CBN:CBD is a lifesaver. I do not wake up groggy and I don’t need to use melatonin either. I love this product.

  25. Kinmk

    Love the Mary’s brand; hate the price so it’s a pass for me. Most weed shops rip people off it’s sad; it’s a weed at the end of the day!

  26. Isabelle

    how cbd helps bones and joints

  27. V.

    Had zero affect— even at .75 dose. I tossed and turned for hours. Have had insomnia for years. So disappointed.

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