The Remedy – THC 1000mg

Cannabis Extract
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Free of synthetic additives, Mary’s highly concentrated 1000mg THC tincture is made with high-quality, full-spectrum THC extract and comes in a lemon-lime flavor. Sublingual delivery of THC is easy to use, discreet and convenient. Only available in Michigan and California.


1000mg THC
Onset: 15 minutes
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Servings: 54 doses

How To Use

Use the measured dropper to fill to desired amount. Start with 0.25mL and administer under the tongue.


Safflower oil, cannabis extract, lemon flavoring, lime flavoring.


  1. Barbara Greenburg

    I have tried a number of THC oils and this is by far the best, longest lasting of them all! Unfortunately, it’s a tad hard to find where I live. 🙁

  2. Chad parm

    I’m a forty six year old male and spot on Mary’s

  3. Eric

    Awesome flavor. God for micro dosing.
    Fast acting and long lasting
    Only suggestion could got better on coconut oil.
    Love this product.

  4. Jennifer Domebo

    Fantastic help for muscle tightness

  5. Dr. Taste.

    Seriously the perfect answer. The most consistent and easy to consume product I have found.

  6. Deb

    I have been using this product almost two months. I have to admit I was surprised. I use the recommended 25ml in the evening also.

  7. Gaila Woodard

    This is by far the best I’ve used! 25 ml is the perfect amount for me, I just wish I can find what will work for me during the daytime.

  8. Brianna

    This has been THE answer for me but I am unable to locate it consistently in my area. Thanks for making such a great product!

  9. Rolando J Morales

    What I read up sounds great I would like to more information thank you and how I can order it

  10. Linda Morrissey

    Concentrated, consistent dosages. However, it doesn’t say if it’s indica, hybrid or sativa. This bottle of tincture seemed to be extremely sativa, unlike some of their other tinctures. It’s far too sativa for me unless I add the same dosage straight CBD.

  11. Dawn

    I absolutely love this product. It’s my favorite ❤️

  12. Karen

    One drop of this lasts all day

  13. Joyce saunders

    I’m so happy I found your Products. I have tried everything out on the market. The Remedy THC is unbelievable!!! Thank you so much for all your work you do .

  14. Spanky

    This product is wonderful

  15. Stephanie Sedlak

    The best I have ever used

  16. Paula

    Finally, an effective and long-lasting product. Luv it!

  17. Tomas W.

    I found this to be very effective. Not able to smoke THC due to respiratory concerns. A small bit of time passes but the effects are very smooth. Mention this to a few.

  18. Nicolas Pacheco

    Consistent, long-lasting, and very gentle on your body. Amazing!

  19. Pablo de Guzman

    Best THC tincture!

  20. Vanessa

    Strong AF

  21. Felicia Faden

    Fast acting. Very long lasting. Strong. Highly recommended.

  22. mark

    Careful with this it is very powerful. 16.5 mcg in a .25 ml dosage. Once you get the dosage right it lasts for hours and hours

  23. Todd

    Great product

  24. Holly

    It is the best I have ever found! PLEASE make it available in ALABAMA!!!

  25. Nicole

    This has Been the one and only tincture that has ever helped, so darn hard to find tho

  26. Joseph Hernandez

    My wife picked me up some yesterday and wow. Nice, not overwhelming. I was concerned a bit. The bottle was small, but was assured that a little bit is all i need.

  27. Olivia Camarillo

    This stuff is strong! I usually give myself about 10-12 drops each dose. I think it also depends on whether or not I have eaten. I don’t use this product very often, its a good Friday night but I try not to go overboard. I absolutely love this product, once I run out I will for sure grab more.

  28. Susan

    Amazingly effective. I really want to stop smoking but Vapes hurt and edibles have sugar or gelatin or flour or some garbage in it. This is the perfect product for me and I have tried quite a few different delivery methods. The best!

  29. Andrew

    Stuffs amazing … I nominate it for best product of the year !!!

  30. Victor Lintag

    Good …..👌👍. 50yr veteran

  31. Rachel Feathers

    This is by far the best EVER!!! Better and safer than ANY pill out there!

  32. Barry

    This product is exactly what I have been looking for. Good taste and great relaxing effects. I highly recommend The Remedy.

  33. Kathy Goodrow

    The best tincture on the market, thank you Mary’s

  34. Theresa Clary

    The product was “found” after a load of shopping around. Oklahoma is a bit “new” on the scene for dispensary products.
    I tried MANY products that were not only inconsistent in there delivery per mg – they were not consistent with the product themselves. Mary’s 1000 mg tincture is always dependable for delivery, and always dependable for end result.
    Thank you for taking the time to actually help people, and not just “jumping in” to an early market that Oklahoma has at the moment
    Thank you

  35. Teresa

    Mary’s is being so blessing in my life hope to come cheaper 💐

  36. Vickie

    My tolerance is fairly high. I’ve used either sativa vapes or candies and thought I would try this. First time I took .25. Felt nothing took another .25. Couldn’t sleep, was hearing things and then woke up felt drunk and was throwing up. So I tried another time and just took .25. Don’t like it. Makes me feel too out of it. Kinda sucks cause I spent a lot of money for it.

  37. Tess Phillips

    I’ve been looking for the perfect tincture to put in edibles. This is it! And the best feeling ever. Great stuff.

  38. Ernesto

    Just bought a little bottle. Took a whole dropper its been 2 hours and I don’t feel anything. Can I return this? I thought I might be able to replace edibles with this as a low carb low sugar alternative, but it doesn’t look like its going to happen. No effect, sorry 1 star, especially because I had to drive so far to get it. I Don’t recommend

  39. Ash

    Should this be stored in the fridge?

  40. Kylie

    This is the most body-relaxing, euphoric marijuana product (of any kind) I’ve ever used. Comes on slow, not very psychoactive, long lasting.

  41. Frani Durham

    Greatest product ever; however, I am not able to locate it as of yet. Expensive for those on disability or limited income. The store where I previously purchased the product, no longer sales it. I hope to be able to locate more of it soon.

  42. Jessica Shute

    Wow this product has absolutely changed my life. The amount of dosage is up to you, I literally need this for those days when smoking flower doesn’t cut it. I just left CA and was looking for it here in Vegas. I am possibly driving back just for restock.

  43. Josh Wilson

    I have read nothing but positive reviews and that alone speaks on the product and let me say What an amazing product!! I could go on for some paragraphs about this bottle of Heaven!! I’ll keep it short though, I don’t have a single con/negative thing to say about Mary’s Medicinals “The Remedy”!!! Solid product, I absolutely love it!!! Thank you very much!!!

  44. Michael Wall

    1000 mg in a small bottle. Thats far more than most competing brands and a good value for what you get. My favorite tincture for price and results.

  45. Joyann M Brockwell

    I have purchased this tincture at Homegrown in Lansing, Michigan and absolutely love it! I’ve tried other brands and this one is consistent, and has the best results for me! However…I cannot find it anymore!

  46. Dan

    I found this because of a helpful budtender at Velvet in Martinez Kara W. What a Godsend this stuff is to me. This is exactly what I was looking for what a life changer.
    Thank you so much, Mary.

  47. Yaari Yorba

    MUST MUST MUST HAVE ! You will not regret it! 100% recommend!

  48. jeff cannell

    my favorite is to bake with 2 bottles into brownies. helps so much. very hard to find in my area of michigan.

  49. Nightingale

    This tincture is by far the best I found. My problem is finding it.

  50. sydney

    Super easy, well priced. Also not sure if it’s just the positive covid test, but this stuff tastes great!!!!

  51. The Real Spiel

    This product relaxes you. Although expensive, it is well worth it in my opinion. I used high doses but I plan using it on a daily basis. It is believed that CBD oral tincture makes one tired, but this effect does not apply to me. The best on the market. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

  52. Kris

    Good stuff! Woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day! Doesn’t take much of a dose either to work for me. That saves me money. Glad I tried it!

  53. Blanca

    how many mg of thc should i take with cbd

    • Aleah Radovich

      For dosage, it’s important to remember that each individual will have a different response based on body composition, metabolism, and biochemistry. We cannot recommend an exact dosing regimen, but encourage our customers to keep an open mind and start with a low dose- just a drop or two under the tongue (not the full dropper) once or twice per day. You can slowly increase as needed until you feel you have reached your desired effects. On average, customers report that a typical daily dose is about 5-10 drops per day. It’s also important to keep in mind that some people notice an effect right away, but most people report a benefit after a few weeks.

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