Distilled Cannabinoids Offer Unrivaled Taste, Effectiveness & Purity

 DENVER, May 25, 2016 – Mary’s Medicinals and its partner Elite Cannabis today announced the forthcoming availability of Bootlegger – Pure American Distillate products in Colorado medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

“Similar to bootleggers making moonshine in the 1920’s, we’re distilling cannabis in order to offer clean, pure, concentrated and consistent products,” said David Bonvillain, founder, Elite Cannabis. “By removing all chlorophyll, waxes, fats, and isolating the cannabinoids, the consumer enjoys a powerful, tasty and nearly colorless oil.”

Bootlegger distillate products are derived from the highest quality cannabis, concentrated to around 90 percent cannabinoids. These fully activated cannabinoids can be used in many ways – dabbing, vaporization, oral ingestion, topical use, etc.

An advanced, multi-phase extraction and purification process ensures consistency and optimal purity, while natural, organic terpene enrichment increases the flavor and effectiveness of concentrates.

Two distinct profiles will be offered on release:

  • Firewater – With an aggressive ‘Sativa’ terpene profile, Firewater offers a pungent, spicy citrus aroma and flavor with reported effects including euphoria, energy and alertness. A creative, uplifting and motivating profile, Firewater blends are ideal for daytime use.
  • Seven Stars – A potent ‘Indica’ profile designed for relaxation and tranquility, Seven Stars evokes flavors of pine, citrus, soap and a bit of skunk. A robust and flavorful concentrate, Seven Stars is best suited to evening or low energy activities. Indica concentrates are often used for pain relief and to improve appetite.

At launch, CBD distillate in Firewater and Seven Stars Profiles will be available across Colorado. CBD:THC 1:1 and THC options will be available soon. Dispensaries are invited to contact their Mary’s Rep to place pre-orders today.

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